'Rick and Morty' Creator Dan Harmon Will Appear on a Rap Album About Aliens

This is gonna be some hardcore shit, Morty.

Dan Harmon already has a wonderful and storied history with rap music through Rick and Morty’s depiction of it. But now, Harmon is about to enter the rap game on a brand-new comedy sci-fi concept album as the executive producer.

Deadline reported Wednesday that Harmon will serve as executive producer on a concept album by New York comedian Rob Tanchum called Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate. The title references a line of dialogue spoken by Jason Alexander’s George Costanza on Seinfeld after he faces yet another romantic rejection by a woman.

The official description for the album is peak Dan Harmon: “The record sees Tanchum play a depressed loser from Earth, who is abducted by alien scientists, played by Harmon and Jeff Davis, who probe his unconscious mind and extract a concept album of self-loathing, id-driven rap songs.”

Tanchum’s previous work, featured mostly just on his SoundCloud page, consists of rapid raps riddled with almost too many punchlines to keep track of. Considering Harmon’s comedic brilliance in terms of pacing and comedy through Rick and Morty, this one feels like a match made in heaven.

Harmon is producing this album by comedian Rob Tanchum.

SBI Press

Dan Harmon co-hosts the Harmontown podcast with Jeff Davis, on which Harmon often busts out joke-filled freestyle raps. Tanchum created his own called “I Fucked Yo Momma” as a homage that got Harmon’s attention after Tanchum tweeted it directly at him.

Dreams really do come true.

This song may or may not give listeners a vague idea of what the album could sound like, but rest assured it’ll have lots of foul language and plenty of unserious sci-fi to go around.

In short, this new album could get a lot of affection from Rick and Morty fans, even if many of those fans will probably wind up harassing Harmon about doing this when he “should” be working on Rick and Morty Season 4.

An earlier version of this article falsely said that Dan Harmon was producing the album. Harmon is an executive producer for the album and also appears on it.

Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate will be released on August 21 by SBI Press via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and cassette tape.

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