iOS 12 Shortcuts: 3 Hacks for Taking Memes and Photos to the Next Level

Reddit is home to the most creative Shortcuts.

Apple touted its Shortcuts app as a revolutionary tool for productivity. But Reddit has already helped turn the scripting feature into a meme-making and photo-editing powerhouse.

The app essentially chains together various commands across native and third-party apps. People can use it to simply help simplify their daily routine by having it order coffee, get driving directions, or set reminders with a single vocal command. But they can also wild out — like tech blogger Federico Viticci — and have the app dim a room’s lights, put on mood music, and set their phone on Do Not Disturb for a Shortcut he titled “sexy time.”

If you want a list of vanilla Shortcuts, head to Apple’s pre-made Gallery of commands. But if you want to find the best macros online, navigate to the Shortcuts subreddit, where the most passionate iOS 12 users spend their days figuring out how to make meme-crafting and picture tweaking easier than it has ever been.

1. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Create a Meme

Forget Meme Generator and Photoshop. Redditor u/KurokoNB has enabled meme aficionados to put text over any joke-worthy image with a few simple taps.

All you have to do is save an image you find in your photos, activate the Shortcut, select the photo, and write a caption. There has never been a better time to start an Instagram meme account.

2. iOS 12 Shortcut: Add a Map Thumbnail

If you’ve ever had one of your Facebook friends ask you where you took a specific photo, this Shortcut will save you a comment. Redditor u/atomicsiren created a script that overlays a small Apple Maps image of exactly where the image was taken. This is perfect for users that enjoy hiking, since just tagging the name of a national park can be vague at times.

Overlay locational information right onto your photos with iOS 12 Shortcuts.


All you have to do is run the shortcut and select an image, the script will do the rest and save the edited image to your photos. Just make sure that the Camera app’s locational settings are switched on, as the Shortcut pulls that that data to get the thumbnail.

Open the Settings app, tap Privacy, then Location Services, and scroll down to Camera. Make sure it’s set to “While Using the App.

3. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Save An Instagram Photo Without Cropping

Taking a picture from Instagram is a tedious procedure on iPhones and iPads, but redditor u/loganme123 has made it a breeze. Instead of having to screenshot and then crop the image out this command makes it as easy as copying a link.

When you find an image you like, tap the three dots at the top right corner of the post to copy its URL. Then simply run this shortcut and the photo will be placed in your photos.

This perfectly compliments the meme-generating shortcut. Find a hilarious picture, instantly crop it out with this shortcut, and add a caption with the other. You’ve done it again Reddit.

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