'Fortnite' Bumble Leak: Update May Bring a New Flying Vehicle to the Game

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a 'Fortnite' update!

First, there was the shopping cart. Then the ATK (an “all-terrain” golf cart featured in the video above) and the Quadcrasher. Now, Fortnite: Battle Royale players could take flight with a new vehicle called Bumble allegedly coming to the game.

The news comes from data miner @FNBRLeaks, who tweeted a pair of leaks on Tuesday morning. The first was a screenshot of Fortnite’s internal files, revealing several new audio assets for something called Bumble that “sounds like a place.” The second was a video clip of that actual audio playing against a black backdrop, and yes, it really does sound like an airplane.

Adding some sort of plane, even a small or limited one, would be a big change for Fortnite. The game currently features a handful of items that can send you flying in the air, like the Bouncer and the Rift-To-Go. But an actual airplane would make it possible to traverse the entire map in seconds.

It might even lead to some pretty sweet mid-air dogfights. Especially if each Bumble plane can fit multiple players, similar to the ATKs that feature three additional seats beyond the driver’s.

It’s also unclear when this new Bumble vehicle will actually arrive in Fortnite. Developer Epic Games sometimes rolls out new features with its weekly challenge-focused update each Thursday morning. So it’s possible we could be flying through the sky about Fortnite island later this week to earn some Battle Stars.

Then again, this feels like a pretty big update, in which case it might not arrive until the start of next season (that’s Season 7 if you haven’t been keeping track). Each season of Fortnite lasts 10 weeks, and Season 7 is likely to begin around mid-December. So, worst case scenario is you’ll have your very own flying machine in a little over a month — assuming these leaks are accurate at all, of course.