'Anna and the Apocalypse' Video Shows a Gross New Way to Decapitate Zombies

Every zombie aficionado knows the best way to kill zombies is to cut off the head. But Anna and the Apocalypse, the legitimately delightful coming of age comedy musical about a Christmas zombie uprising, presents a gross new way of killing the undead that even George Romero never thought of.

On Tuesday, Orion Pictures released a new clip, titled “Bathroom Break,” from Anna and the Apocalypse, which opens in select theaters on November 30 and releases everywhere on December 7.

Taking place in a restroom stall of the bowling alley where main protagonist Anna (Ella Hunt) works, Anna and her friend Steph (Sarah Swire) discover a zombie sitting on the john. When the zombie attacks, Steph fights back and decapitates it using the seat cover. It’s really gross, but in the fun way that encapsulates the spirit of the movie.

Directed by John McPhail and written by Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry, Anna and the Apocalypse is a Christmas comedy musical that follows an ordinary teenaged girl, Anna, who must survive a surprise zombie apocalypse with her best friends. The film earned rave reviews when it opened at Fantastic Fest in 2017 (it has a whopping 91% on Rotten Tomatoes), and has the potential to become a new holiday favorite for the bloodthirsty youth market.

Anna and the Apocalypse smashes into theaters on November 30 and nationwide on December 7.

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