How to Survive Zombies in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' 

A quick guide for besting the undead theme park. 


Like every modern Call of Duty experience before it, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features a fully loaded cooperative zombie experience. Dubbed “Zombies in Spaceland”, this new zombie journey places you in the middle of an ‘80s theme park where hordes of the undead wearing neon pants will try to eat your brain. Many of the mode’s key aspects remain the same, but if you’re looking to make the most out of your first few zombie runs, we’ve got a few pointers for you.

Nicholas Bashore

Punch and Board Your Way Through Scene 5

Veterans of Call of Duty’s infamous zombie mode may already be familiar with this strategy, but punching and boarding your way through the initial few waves is a tactic worth taking advantage of. When you first spawn into “Zombies in Spaceland”, you’ll have four different windows that zombies will be able to get through. Since they are only a few basic zombies on waves 1 through 5, they’re easy to manage provided your team works together.

During these first few waves, zombies will go down with a few well-placed melee attacks, and melee kills grant you more points/money. So, make sure to let them tear town all the boards on the windows and then punch them down with no remorse to conserve ammunition and gain a hefty amount of cash to spend. Then, once everything is clear, head to one of the windows and completely board it up for another small cash reward. If you repeat this process through the early waves, you’ll be surprised by how much money you and your teammates have available to spend. Alternatively, headshots with weaker starting weapons will also award you more currency.

Nicholas Bashore

Don’t Stop Running

The map is massive in scale, with multiple areas that you can unlock to progress through the park and gain access to new equipment. No matter what path you follow, it’s important to keep in mind that the more areas you unlock, the more ways zombies can spawn into the park to surround you.

During the later waves, zombies spawn in massive hordes which will quickly overtake you. When you feel a little too crowded or you find yourself out of ammunition, don’t be afraid to turn around and run to get your bearings before re-engaging the armies of undead.

Nicholas Bashore

Buy Some Candy

“Zombies in Spaceland” features perks like any other Call of Duty zombie experience, and you’re going to need them if you want to survive. Here they come in the form of candy, with each different one providing a perk to the player. You’ll be able to collect them all with enough of the map unlocked and a decent pool of cash too.

Two of the biggest ones are going to be Tuff Enuff, which allows you to take more hits than usual, and Mule Munchies, which allows you to carry a third gun on your character. Tuff Enuff is located at the very back of the Journey Into Space section of the park under the Star Mission sign — you’ll just have to flip on the generator switch in the area to power it up. Mule Munchies are in this area as well and powered by the same switch, sitting on the left side of the Galaxy Journey building.

Nicholas Bashore

Death is Only the Beginning

Previously in Call of Duty zombies, death was a permanent affair until your teammates reached a set wave number without you in their ranks, allowing you to spawn back in with a small sum of money and your starting pistol. Sure, it would set you back, but at least it didn’t kick you out of the fight for the rest of the match.

Infinite Warfare’s new twist on death in zombies is one worth knowing about though. When you die and a teammate can’t revive you from your downed state, you’ll be sent off to the Arcade. Here you can play a bunch of different minigames like skee ball to rack up your Soul Power meter. Once full, you’ll be teleported back into the fray good as new, and you’ll be able to head to the start of the map to reclaim your weapons from the lost and found.

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