How to Survive in 'Call of Duty' Multiplayer

Multiplayer can be fun for players of all levels. 


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is more of the hoorah military spectacle people have come to expect from the franchise, but this time it’s set in the far future when humanity has taken the warring to outer space. Maybe you’re diving into Call of Duty for the first time, finding the allure of space battles too great to resist. It can seem intimidating getting started with multiplayer as a beginner — or even just as a newcomer to the game rather than the franchise as a whole — but either way, you’ll quickly learn there’s no shame in your game. Just hop in and start shooting.

With that in mind, we have a few tips to help you progress and become the best space marine you can be to give you an extra head start.

The best way to get better at multiplayer is to just jump in. 

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Don’t Worry About Your Kill/Death Ratio

It might sound counterintuitive, but don’t worry about doing a good job. Starting out, many of the players you’ll be up against are many ranks higher than you and capable of picking you off in one shot. They’ll also have easier access to scorestreaks that can pinpoint other players on the map, hunting you down with ease. Just hop in and do your best; you’ll still get points and experience just for participating. Just keep shooting.

Challenges help you try new things in multiplayer. 


Complete Challenges

Matches are sprinkled with extra challenges for you to complete, rewarding you with XP bonuses. You can cycle through them while you’re waiting for the match to start, allowing you to pick one that fits your playstyle right off the bat. They usually task you with pulling off a set number of kills with a specific weapon type or making use of your combat rig’s unique perks. It’s also a good opportunity to learn more about gameplay and multiplayer strategy.

Scorestreaks in 'Infinite Warfare' give you helpful temporary perks. 


Play Around With Scorestreaks

If you’re not familiar with previous Call of Duty games, scorestreaks let you call in some aerial backup in multiplayer modes. In Infinite Warfare, these often take the shape of futuristic drones that can help you spot enemies on the mini-map, inhibit other players’ abilities, or even drop missiles down on your opponents. You can unlock these when you make a certain number of consecutive kills without dying. The easiest one to get is UAV, which shows your opponents’ location on the map for a brief period of time.

Team work makes the dream work. 

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Work Together Whenever Possible

Make sure you opt for modes with clear, cooperative objectives. Modes like “Kill Confirmed” task you with killing enemies and claiming their dog tags. Clear objectives will encourage you to work with your teammates, giving you a taste for strategy you might not get from modes like “Deathmatch” or “Free-For-All” where the only goal is to kill as many people as possible.

Above all else, though, multiplayer takes time to master. You’ll probably die a lot to start, making the early levels frustrating at times. But Infinite Warfare rewards persistence, and you’ll quickly find yourself improving. Good luck, soldier.

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