Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk Takes Action After Performance Edition Backlash

The Tesla Model 3 got a price cut this week, and not everyone is happy. The company now offers the performance edition with a free upgrades package that includes a 10 mph higher top speed and other boosts, a pack that previously cost $5,000. After backlash from early adopters, CEO Elon Musk announced a plan to reimburse consumers.

The company started deliveries of the performance edition in August, with prices starting at $64,000 plus $5,000 for optional extras. On Friday, the company stopped charging the $5,000 and made the extras standard. Electrek derided the change as it “arguably devalues the [existing cars] for thousands of early buyers who had been long-time reservation holders.” Musk responded asking whether existing buyers receive free lifetime access to the network of 120-kilowatt “superchargers,” something current buyers don’t get. After it transpired that not all early adopters received this extra, Musk stated that it would offer compensation to those owners:

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The change simplifies the Tesla Model 3 ordering process by reducing the number of factory options. The performance package includes 20-inch wheels, performance brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered suspension, aluminum alloy pedals, and a boost in top speed from 145 mph to 155 mph. This follows similar moves on Tesla’s non-performance models, where it removed two color options off the menu to simplify ordering, while also dropping the ability to pre-order full self-driving.

The performance edition offers a more premium version of Tesla’s cheapest car, which started production in July 2017 with an initial price tag of $49,000. Tesla has been working to boost manufacturing and plans to introduce an even cheaper version of the car when production reaches a sustainable level, with the long-term goal of offering a $35,000 electric car. Last week, Tesla introduced a $45,000 model with 260 miles of range instead of 310 miles.

Tesla states on its website that deliveries of new performance editions will take between four to eight weeks, meaning the first deliveries of these new cheaper versions should reach consumers soon.

Musk also announced that the special track model feature will also become available to all performance editions, after previously being reserved to the $5,000 upgrade package.

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