Elon Musk Pulls Self-Driving From Tesla Model 3 Options After ‘Confusion’


Elon Musk announced on Friday that the Tesla Model 3 order page will no longer offer consumers the option to pre-order full autonomous driving as a future software upgrade, a change that has also rolled out to the Model S and X order pages. The surprise change means that buyers will have to ask Tesla for the change as an off-menu upgrade over the next week, after which the option will not be available as part of the car’s purchase.

Tesla started offering the option with its Model S and X vehicles in October 2016, also becoming available for the Model 3 when the car entered production in July 2017. The $3,000 pre-order is dependent on buyers also unlocking the semi-autonomous “enhanced Autopilot” mode, available for $5,000 at the time of vehicle purchase or $6,000 thereafter. Musk has made estimations about when coast-to-coast autonomous driving could become possible, but there is no fixed release date for the feature. Musk claimed that the feature has been removed for “causing too much confusion.”

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Musk announced the “Hardware 2” platform in October 2016, a combination of cameras, GPS and ultrasonic radar included in every new car that was intended to provide full, hands-off autonomous driving. Musk suggested that the company’s cars could complete a coast-to-coast drive by the end of 2017, but Musk had to admit in February that the company missed this deadline because it would have required a “brittle” software solution that would not work for many other situations.

The company has shown signs of progress toward autonomous driving. In August it announced a self-designed A.I. chip that would replace the Nvidia Drive PX 2 as an upgrade called “Hardware 3.” The chip will be a free upgrade for people that pre-ordered the feature, and while it’s not needed for enhanced Autopilot, the chip will be found in every Tesla in around April 2019.

It may take a while before Tesla is able to deliver on its previous promise. This month, when he announced delays to a feature intended for “enhanced Autopilot,” Musk noted that it’s “extremely difficult to achieve a general solution for self-driving that works well everywhere.”

For now, as Model 3 buyers enjoy a cheaper range of vehicles, they’ll have to make do without the full autonomy pre-order.

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