'American Horror Story' Season 8 Spoilers: 3 Theories to Know for Episode 7

Miriam Mead could be making a comeback.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Last week’s “Return to Murder House” may have been the Season 8 episode American Horror Story fans were most excited for, but there’s reason to believe the rest of the Apocalypse season could keep that momentum going. The internet already has a ton of theories leading into Episode 7, and with just a few episodes left to go, there isn’t a whole lot of time left before we find out whether all that speculation turns out to be true.

In Season 8, Episode 6, Madison Montgomery went back to the Murder House of Season 1 to gather information about Michael Langdon, the Antichrist and the main adversary of Season 8. Behold Chablis, from the warlock school where Michael is a student, went with her. Together they discovered that Michael’s unsurprisingly dark past, revealing that it may be very difficult for the Coven witches and Behold’s fellow warlocks to defeat the Antichrist.


In the promo for Episode 7 of AHS: Apocalypse (embedded up top), it looks like Cordelia Goode may turn to someone connected to voodoo and the mysterious Papa Legba of Coven fame for help in taking down Michael. But she’s also said in a previous promo that the witches need Mallory’s help, which leads us to the first theory to explore on this list.

What’s with all the roses in American Horror Story Season 8?

On Reddit, user drewmc1 suggested that all the roses featured this season on American Horror Story could have some significance. “In Meads backstory, she was Rosie the Robot, was watching Rosemary’s baby, and hit her husband with a vase of roses during their fight. And now we find out about a brand new character named Rose,” they noted. The new character in question is Constance’s fourth child, whom viewers met during “Return to Murder House.”

Another Redditor, trevaconda, agreed that there could be something to this theory, replying, “Constance plants rosebushes each time Michael brought her a ‘gift’ and Malory turned roses into butterflies during the classroom flashback so it does seem roses will be symbolic somehow.” That action that Mallory performed could also further feed into the theory that she’s not a witch at all, but some other supernatural being.

Miriam Mead


Is Mead this past AHS character?

Ever since Mead was first introduced, AHS fans have been trying to figure out who she is, exactly. We know she helped care for Michael in the past and that she was there when a few disciples of Satan performed a dark ritual for him in the Murder House. We also know she’s some sort of robot.

But there’s also a theory that Mead is actually Jenny Reynolds, the creepy little murderous girl from Asylum. That would certainly be an interesting way to connect this crossover season to Season 2 of AHS, and Reddit users figured out that this theory isn’t totally unbelievable.

“Have you seen the theory that the evil little girl from Asylum could be young Mead?” TheDrownedGodd posted on Reddit on October 24. SweetPinkSocks replied, “I did some quick math and it would make Mead about 64. So yea, that is about right.”

Of course, there’s a chance that Mead isn’t connected to any previous AHS season or character, but this would be a really clever way to tie in yet another installment of the anthology series.

Will Mead betray Michael?

The remaining Apocalypse episode titles indicate someone on the show is going to be betrayed, and soon. Season 8, Episode 7 is literally titled “Traitor,” and Mead might be the “traitor” in question. Michael trust her, and while she certainly seems all-in with his whole Antichrist shtick, a betrayal between the two of them in spite of that would be really interesting.

In regards to Mead, Shrek_senpai wrote in a thread on Reddit, “Did anyone else catch her reaction to the girl’s heart being ripped out? She had a quick flashback to the girl smiling. Also, she seemed genuinely scared of Michael before handing him the heart. Is she gonna betray Michael?”

Brokenmachine77 replied, “She had the same guilty look when she saw Venable’s blood on his jacket.”

Perhaps Mead will ultimately help defeat Michael, or maybe she just has some slight semblance of a conscience that makes her question his actions, just not enough do anything about it.

AHS: Apocalypse fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out who the “traitor” of Episode 7 is, or to discover whether any of the many theories floating around are true before the season is over.

American Horror Story airs at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on FX.

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