'American Horror Story' Season 8: 36 People Who Died in the Murder House

A character revealed the grand total on "Return to Murder House"

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Easily one of the most anticipated episodes in American Horror Story history aired on October 17 when two characters from Season 8 Apocalypse made their way to the Murder House of Season 1 lore. The crossover has been promised for a long time, and fans had all sorts of Season 8 theories leading into the episode.

The episode was also extra long to fit in everything that happened, and standby AHS actor Sarah Paulson used her directorial debut to fill every second with fan service and spooky plot twists galore.

“Return to Murder House” offered some closure to long-time viewers of the American Horror Story series, but it also threw in a few new nuggets of information about the characters of Murder House and the house itself. For instance, fans learned just how many people died in the house, thanks to a chatty realtor selling the property to Behold Chablis and Madison Montgomery.

At the start of the episode, Madison and Behold pretend to be newlyweds looking to buy the Murder House in order to get as much information on Michael and his past as possible. In the process of selling them on the property, the realtor reveals to Madison and Behold that 36 people have died in that house.

That’s way more than viewers may have previously believed, but when you break it down, it does seem to be at least close to the correct number. Just for starters, Charles and Nora Montgomery died there. So did Tate, Hayden, Moira, Vivien, Ben, and Violet. That’s already eight. Fans also now know that Constance killed herself in the Murder House, and the American Horror Story wikia reminds us that her son, Beau, previously died there as well. That’s ten.

Reddit users put together the rest of the puzzle after the episode. In a post-episode discussion thread, various Redditors noted the following other casualties in the Murder House: “Infantata, the two nurses, Larry’s wife and children, black dahlia, Travis,” Constance’s husband, Baby Jeffrey, Constance’s daughter who doesn’t have eyes for some reason, “the three people repeating the nurse murders,” Chad and Patrick, and as of Season 8, Episode 6, the couple Michael killed in the house and whose souls he destroyed.

JessFromCali also added the “twins from the very 1st episode,” and miss_kiwi_lu included “The exterminator from season 1.” As of “Return to Murder House,” fans also now know that a young woman was killed in a Black Mass in the house when Michael lived there.

Reddit user ostentia added “the twins from the 70s…that’s two more,” but they also noted that “one of the people repeating the nurse murders didn’t die on the grounds.” That puts the total at 32. Reddit users alternatively got to 30 or 34 in all, but there could definitely be some mystery deaths that viewers are still not aware of.

American Horror Story airs at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on FX.

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