'AHS' Season 8 Spoilers: 3 Coven Characters That Could Return in Episode 7

And one may be a huge surprise to fans.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

The sixth episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse got a lot of love for returning to Season 1’s Murder House and bringing back some beloved characters while also advancing the Apocalypse plot. So how can Episode 7 top all that? By bringing back even more Coven characters, of course.

In “Return to Murder House,” Madison Montgomery and Behold Chablis visited the Season 1 setting and met everyone from Jessica Lange’s Constance Langdon to the Harmon family. They left after confirming that Michael really is the Antichrist, and realizing that it’s going to take everything they have to defeat him. That includes all the Coven witches and Behold’s fellow warlocks, but it might also mean a few additional characters.

Here are three Coven characters that could return to American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 7. Warning: Possible *spoilers ahead.

Papa Legba’s Return

Fans now know that Papa Legba from the Coven season of American Horror Story will definitely be back this season, thanks to a promo that aired after “Return to Murder House.” He will almost definitely be back in Episode 7, but exactly why is still a mystery.

On AHS, Papa Legba is the Gatekeeper of the Spirit World. Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen in Coven, once sold her soul to Papa Legba and had to give him a yearly sacrifice of an innocent life in return. In Season 3 of AHS, that innocent life was Nan.

In the AHS promo above, Cordelia Goode turns to Dinah for help, and it appears that she may be connected to voodoo in some way. There’s a good chance Cordelia goes to her to combine their power in order to defeat Michael, and somehow, Papa Legba gets involved in the whole scheme.

However, Papa Legba’s return to AHS also means two other Coven characters could make appearances as well.

Will Marie Laveau return to AHS?

If Papa Legba is back on AHS, who’s to say Marie Laveau won’t make an appearance as well? She’s essentially Cordelia’s equal, and Cordelia is smart enough to know the witches need all the help they can get against Michael. Marie did die before Coven ended, but that hasn’t stopped other characters from that season from coming back on Apocalypse.

Keep in mind that Angela Bassett, who played Marie, has implied that she will not be back on this season of AHS. But some fans think she was being coy, and a surprise cameo is in store.

In response to an interview Bassett did that suggested she won’t be back this season, Redditor -BrovAries- wrote, “I think Angela Bassett is trying to pull the wool over our eyes ;-).”

And other Reddit fans theorized on how she could return, with one even suggesting that, “Dinah is Marie Laveau’s baby that Papa Legba took,” which would directly connect Coven and Apocalypse characters in a new and interesting way.

So if Laveau comes back, what about Nan?

Will Nan come back in Apocalypse?

Nan also died during Coven, but Michael has brought back other witches, so who’s to say he (or someone else) couldn’t bring back Nan, too?

Plus, Papa Legba is the one she was sacrificed to, and if he’s back, there’s always a chance he could bring some of his innocent souls with him. How awesome would it be to see Jamie Brewer again on AHS?

On this season of American Horror Story, it really seems like anything goes any old character could potentially reappear at any moment. Fans will just have to keep watching to see if Papa Legba’s return means Marie, Nan, or anyone else comes back, too.

American Horror Story airs at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on FX.

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