iPhone XR Launch Date: Demand for Budget iPhone Is Booming

They could fly off the shelf.


Better place your iPhone XR pre-orders quickly, Apple’s cheapest phone of the year could go fast. The colorful handset garnered glowing reviews Tuesday and a trusted analyst has revealed that early demand for the device is pacing ahead of last year’s iPhones.

Ming-Chi Kuo told investors that more users have reserved the XR in the first three days of its pre-order window than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus during the same time in 2017, reported MacRumors. While the XR might be outdoing its predecessors, Kuo mentioned it had lower pre-order momentum than that of the iPhone XS and XS Max but is “more stable.”

He estimates that 36 to 38 million units will ship in the fourth quarter of 2018. The XR will hit shelves on October 26 where it will appeal to Apple users that want the latest and greatest from the company but can’t splash out $1,000 for a new phone.

The iPhone XR didn't garner as much pre-order hype as the XS and XS Max, but demand is more stable according to Kuo.


Kuo anticipates that the XR could see a boost in demand from its target customer once it’s released.

“We are not surprised that XR’s initial delivery times are shorter than those of the iPhone XS series after pre-order open given that XS and XR have different target customers. The former’s target customers are Apple fans, who snap up new models rapidly after the pre-order open. The latter’s are general users who are used to operating iOS with characteristics including favoring the Apple brand, limited budget, or no urgent replacement demand.”

iPhone XR: How To Pre-Order

This means if you’re set on picking up an XR this year, now is the time to act. There are still plenty of units on pre-order ahead of launch, but the Apple Store estimates that deliveries for reserved devices will arrive between November 6 and November 13. This might be a week or two after launch but will keep you from having to wait in line at the store.

Interested buyers can also pre-order the phone through their cellular carriers, like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Retailers like Best Buy have also made reservations available.

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