'Smash Ultimate' Roster Leaks: Black Knight Rumors Get a Huge Boost

When you consider all the evidence it's almost impossible to deny.

Back in September, a huge Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak listed 10 characters allegedly coming to the new roster. At the time we ranked, putting one possible addition from the Fire Emblem universe near the bottom of our list, but based on a compelling new argument it may be time to rethink that ranking.

The Black Knight (AKA Zelgius) from the Fire Emblem series could be coming to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. It may seem unlikely considering how many sword-wielders from the series are already featured in the game, but EventsHub makes a very strong case for this villain’s addition.

Here are four reasons the Black Knight will almost definitely make it into the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster*.

The Black Knight


He’s a villain

This works for two reasons. First, he’d be the first bad guy from Fire Emblem to appear as a playable character in Smash. This would balance out the ever-expanding roster of good guys from those games that’s only set to grow in Ultimate.

Second, Smash Bros Ultimate seems to be putting a heavier focus on the bad guys than usual. Nintendo already added Ridley, Dark Samus, and King K. Rool. So why not one more villain?

This huge clue

Ok, here’s something a little juicier. You probably remember the Castle Siege stage from the previous Smash Bros. games. It’s the Fire Emblem one that transforms through the match. Well, in previous versions you could see the Black Knight in the background of the throne room, but in Ultimate he’s been replaced with another fighter.

That seems like a pretty big signal that something is up. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo pulled a similar move with Dark Samus, removing the Assist Trophy in Ultimate before officially revealing the playable new character.

The Mii costume pattern

Still not convinced? Consider this: In Smash Bros. Wii U Nintendo offered a series of DLC outfits for the Mii fighter based on other video game characters. That list included Chrom, King K. Rool, Isabelle, and the Inklings — all confirmed as playable in Ultimate. It also included the Black Knight!

To be fair, not every character that got a Mii costume shoutout in the previous version of Smash is going to get their own character in Ultimate, but there’s clearly a pattern here.

He’s a perfect Echo for Ike

Assuming that the Black Knight is joining the fight in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo has a perfect opportunity to give Ike a well-deserved Echo fighter. That’s because the two characters already have a similar fighting style.

You see, in the Fire Emblem universe, Ike’s father Greil trained both Ike and the Black Knight. As a result, they use a similar style of combat and wield similar, large swords. Putting the Black Knight in Smash could be as simple as giving Ike a new skin while also making him slightly slower and more powerful.

A more powerful version of Ike? Sounds downright deadly.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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