'American Horror Story' Season 8: Roanoke Easter Egg Could Be a Big Spoiler

Will every season get a shout-out before Season 8 concludes?

by Josie Rhodes Cook

American Horror Story Season 8 has been a wild ride so far, and with an extra-long Murder House crossover episode up next, things are only going to get even intense on Apocalypse.

And speaking of crossovers, Murder House isn’t the only previous season being referenced this year. Obviously, Coven and many of the characters from Season 3 have played a huge role in Season 8 already, but there’s at least one other American Horror Story Easter egg that some fans may have missed: a reference to Season 6, Roanoke.

Almost two years ago, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy talked about doing “a season that’s a crossover between Murder House and Coven together.” That turned out to be Season 8, Apocalypse, but already, little details from other previous seasons of the show have come into play as well.

In Episode 4 of Apocalypse, Evan Peters made a surprise appearance as James March, a character from American Horror Story: Hotel. In a completely unexpected cameo, he popped up when Michael Langdon freed Queenie from the Hotel Cortez.

Notably, March seemed to be disturbed by Michael, which further suggested that the mysterious figure challenging Cordelia Goode to be the new Supreme isn’t a good guy. He was also the second character Peters has portrayed on this season of AHS alone, and he’s probably just getting started.

But in addition to that Hotel tie-in, there was a quick shout-out to Roanoke in Season 8, Episode 5 of AHS as well. Did you catch it?

When Cordelia agreed to let Michael take the test of the Seven Wonders, she said the test would take place during the Blood Moon. Digital Spy reports that the ghosts from Roanoke could cross over and harm people “for six days before the Blood Moon appeared in the sky.” So Cordelia’s demand seems to be an Easter egg referring to the Roanoke season of American Horror Story, and any further connection may become more clear or fans may get even more Roanoke crossover hints as Season 8 continues.

So, if Coven, Hotel, and Murder House are already directly crossing over with Apocalypse, and Roanoke seems to at least slightly connect to this season, are more American Horror Story crossovers coming in Season 8? It definitely seems possible, and the writers have a lot of material to work with. Murphy has already brought in about half the other seasons of the FX series, what could it hurt to tie-in a few more?

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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