'Fallout 76' Nuke Video: Code System Explained and Everything to Know

Stand back and enjoy the show.

It wouldn’t be a Fallout game without nukes, but Fallout 76 takes the long-running premise to new levels. In Bethesda’s upcoming online multiplayer game, you can team up with other players to actually launch a nuclear missile, creating a mutated zone wherever it detonates with more powerful enemies and better loot.

“The time has come to seek out greater means of protection, nuclear armaments,” Bethesda explained in a promotional video for Fallout 76. “That’s right, courtesy of your uncle Sam, these wonders of the atomic age can be found right in your own backyard.”

During an special preview event last week, Inverse get a chance to go hands-on with Fallout 76 and see a nuke in action. You can check that out in the video up top, and read on for a bit more info on what nukes actually do in the new video game.

In Fallout 76, nukes essentially serve as an end-game, giving players who’ve already mastered the main game a new challenge and the chance to level up their gear even further. But launching a nuclear missile isn’t early. To do it you’ll have to kill monsters to gather codes, which probably means working with a team. Then, you’ll have to fight your way into a nuclear facility before finally targeting a spot on the map and launching your nuke.

Once the nuke detonates you’ll have a few hours to explore the new area, which will feature tougher enemies and dangerous radiation that requires a hazmat or power suit to withstand. The risk is worth it, though, as the best armor, weapons, loot, and schematics in Fallout 76 all come from these irradiated areas.

And if you’re worried about being targeted by nukes you can rest easy. Any player in the blast zone of a nuclear missile will get an early warning, leaving them with plenty of time to pack up their camp and get to safety. Just don’t go too far. You’ll want a close-up view of that fiery mushroom cloud explosion. Trust us, it’s pretty awesome.

Fallout 76 launches November 14. Pre-order it now to check out the beta later this month.

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