'Rick and Morty' Pickle Rick Bloopers: Watch Justin Roiland Break Character

"I understand Morty's suspicion. I've misled him before."

Most Rick and Morty fans know that series co-creator Justin Roiland voices both Morty and Rick. Yet there’s still something oddly unsettling — but totally hilarious — about hearing him break character as Rick and slip into his normal speaking voice. That’s exactly what we get in a new blooper video from “Pickle Rick.”

On Monday morning, the official Rick and Morty Twitter account tweeted out a blooper video from Season 3’s “Pickle Rick” focusing on one scene early in the episode. Beth, Morty, and Summer are on their way out the door to visit the new family therapist, but Rick has transformed himself into a Pickle to avoid the appointment — and the corresponding emotional intimacy.

After Morty accuses Rick of doing this on purpose to get out of family counseling, Rick calmly says the following line:

It’s okay, Beth. I understand Morty’s suspicion. I’ve misled him before. Morty, turn me so we’re making eye contact.

It might seem like a pretty straightforward quote, but it turns out that this exact moment gave Roiland a lot of trouble, causing him to break character several times while recording it.

To be fair, the admission that Rick “misled” Morty before is a hilarious understatement. In the Rick and Morty pilot, Morty breaks every bone in his body because Rick doesn’t tell him how to use his gravity boots. And that’s before Rick coerces Morty into stuffing some spikey seeds up his butt where they dissolve, rendering Morty temporarily paralyzed.

That says nothing of the other 22 episodes between the pilot and “Pickle Rick,” or the countless offscreen adventures. Virtually every Rick and Morty story involves Rick misleading Morty in some fashion, selfishly manipulating his own grandson so that he can achieve some selfish end. That’s more or less the very premise of the show, and Rick’s mistreatment of Morty produces some of its most beloved jokes.

The Rick and Morty animation team produced the video so that Roiland’s natural voice syncs up with Rick’s mouth moving, which comes off as weirdly disconcerting, doubly so because Rick is in Pickle form.

It’s entirely possible that while recording, Roiland himself might’ve been a bit tipsy. In May 2017, Adult Swim revealed a behind-the-scenes video showing that Justin Roiland engages in some method acting sometimes and gets a bit drunk while recording lines for Rick Sanchez. The other obvious possibility is that Rick’s serious tone contrasting with the comedic value of the line is potent enough to send anybody into fits of giggles.

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