'Avengers 4': Thanos and Captain Marvel Compete for NYCC Cosplay Supremacy

Captain Marvel and Thanos battle for supremacy at NYCC.

Avengers 4 won’t hit theaters until May 2019, but the (rumored) final fight between Thanos and Captain Marvel nearly played out at New York Comic Con this weekend. The upcoming Marvel star and the MCU’s most notorious villain were both popular picks for cosplay at NYCC 2018 — though you couldn’t walk more than a few steps without running into perennial favorites like Spider-Man and Deadpool.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best superhero and villain cosplays we saw at NYCC this year, featuring everyone from Doctor Strange to Vision in that one scene where he cooks chicken paprikash for the Scarlet Witch.

First up is the Mad Titan himself. We spotted two versions of Thanos at this year’s Con, with one fan getting particularly creative with their cosplay.

Thanos at NYCC


We love this pre-CGI Thanos cosplay.

Lauren Guerrera

Not to be outdone, Captain Marvel also made an appearance at the annual convention, though she apparently left her pager at home.

Captain Marvel


AKA Carol Danvers


Beyond those two, there were plenty of other Marvel heroes to be seen. Here’s Doctor Stranger and his Cloak of Levitation:

Note the shining Time Stone


Two very different takes on Vision:

Needs more paprika.


Here’s Thor both pre-Ragnarok and at the end of Infinity War:

"A creepy old man cut my hair off!"


Speaking of Rangnarok, checkout this awesome Grandmaster cosplay:

Is that you, Jeff Goldblum?

Lauren Guerrera

And this absolutely stunning take on Venom:

No jokes, tis cosplay is just awesome.


Finally, it might not be Marvel, but we couldn’t leave out this epic homemade Batman and Wonder Woman cosplay:

Batman has never looked so... shiny.


Check out even more great cosplay from New York Comic Con right here. And if you took any great photos yourself feel free to send them to me at jake@inverse.com and maybe we’ll feature them in a future article.