'Smash Ultimate' Roster Leaks: Next New Character Could Be a Female Villain

No, it's not Bowsette.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be adding a female villain to the roster, and no, it’s not Bowsette. Based on recent leaks and speculation, it looks like Medusa from the Kid Icarus series could be joining the fight.

This isn’t exactly a new rumor, but it’s one that’s been largely overlooked and deserves a little more scrutiny. There’s more than one reason to believe that Medusa could be joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, even if there’s been no single major leaks to support this theory.

Could Medusa join the 'Smash Bros. Ultimate' roster?


Medusa in Smash Bros. Ultimate: The voice actor theory

The biggest clue may come from the Medusa voice actor, who’s been surprisingly active on Twitter. As YouTuber Mister Awesome notes in a recent video, Cree Summer Francks (who voices Medusa in Kid Icarus: Uprising, has been liking other tweets asking if the character will appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

That may not sound like much to base a theory on, but, as the video explains, the voice actor behind Shulk did something similar a few years earlier before his character from Xenoblade Chronicles joined the Smash Bros. 4 roster. So could the same thing happen to Medusa? Here’s why it’s not so out of the question.

Medusa in Smash Bros. Ultimate: A Palutena echo?

As fans of the Kid Icarus series have noted, Medusa is already designed to play similar to Palutena’s character in the same game. So porting over this monster of Greek mythology would be relatively easy. Just give her a fresh design and a few new moves and you’re done.

“She’s like the Ganondorf of that universe,” one fan wrote on GameFAQs.

The idea of adding a “Dark” Palutena to the roster (similar to Pit and Dark Pit) also fits nicely with Ultimate’s heroes vs. villains theme, which we’ve seen play out in various cinematic announcements. The Simon Belmont reveal video even featured a Medusa statue come to life to terrorize Luigi.

It’s also worth noting that Smash boss Masahiro Sakurai previously directed development on Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012), which featured Medusa as the main villain. So it makes sense that he might want to include more of his own characters in Ultimate.

Of course, none of this is confirmed yet, but when you consider all the evidence the idea of Medusa in Smash Bros. Ultimate starts to seem pretty likely.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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