'The Dragon Prince' Soundtrack Might Be Released "Very Soon," Composer Says

"We all agreed it needed to be a very thematic score."

Like plenty of epic sagas before it, The Dragon Prince features a killer soundtrack to match the action and adventure happening on screen, but if you’re looking for a way to listen to just the audio you’re out of luck. At least for now.

Not even Frederik Wiedmann, the Dragon Prince composer behind the show’s music, can get you access to the soundtrack, but in an interview with Inverse he says the official release is just around the corner. We also talked about the show’s highly-anticipated second season and Wiedmann’s other recent work, including the upcoming 2019 Doom movie reboot and a found-footage documentary about those creepy clowns just a few years ago that seemed to be showing up everywhere.

Check out the full interview (edited and condensed for clarity) below.

'The Dragon Prince'

So when is the Dragon Prince soundtrack getting released?

I don’t have an official announcement. I know we’re talking about it, and something will happen very soon, but we still have some details to hash out. They’ve been very protective of not sending anything to anyone, even the press, until we get an official release.

So there’s no way to listen to it right now?

You can hear it well on the show, but you may have to wait for something official. You’re better of listening to it in context anyway. There’s a lot more to absorb rather than just the music itself.

Fair enough. So what was it like working on The Dragon Prince?

Generally with animated stuff they don’t necessarily hire a composer way in advance like they did on this show. In this case, it was more like at least 7-8 months prior to starting the first episode where we were creating material. It was solely based on conversations with the filmmakers, and looking at the stills, concept art, beautiful photography for inspiration. It was a cool thing to do. You’re not influenced by the video, just looking at the landscape and dragons and thinking, maybe it sounds like this.

That sounds amazing. So how did you come up with all the different music in the show?

There were earlier discussions of using ethnic instruments because we’re trying to create this fantasy world that doesn’t exist. How do we make it feel like a country somewhere in a fantasy world with its own musical heritage of instruments? One of my tasks was to explore the instruments we could use. I chose the Armenian duduk for the elves because it has an ancient feel, it’s also been used in shows like Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

There’s also a fiddle that’s performed in a slightly Irish or Scottish way that we thought would be nice for Rayla since she has that accent. In combination, it defines her character. We all agreed it needed to be a very thematic score. Each character gets a theme.



So have you started working on Dragon Prince Season 2 yet?

We can’t really discuss that yet because we’re still waiting to hear if we get to increase the number of episodes we have right now. I think there’s plenty of room to grow. If we get to do more it will be a continuation of this big crescendo.

What about the Dragon Prince video game? Are you involved with that?

A little bit. They’ve been using the music I created so far as a placeholder. All I’ve heard is that it’s fantastic. I’ve offered my help where they need it, but they don’t need a custom score yet. I’m just hoping the themes make it into the game in some capacity

You’re also working on the score for a new Doom movie coming in 2019. What can you tell me about that?

I can’t say much, but it’s a new movie that’s part of that franchise. I think it’s a really fantastic one. I’m really blown away to how cool it is. Not a whole lot I can talk about but yup, it’s gonna be great.

Are you a fan of the Doom video games?

Yes! When I was growing up in Germany in 1993 or ‘94, my archery teacher was a video game nut. I was only 12 or 13 years old, and the first Doom game was banned in Germany for being too violent. But my archery teacher got hold of it somehow so we would go to his house after archery and play it in secret. We were all in awe. Looking back, it’s very basic and pixelated, but my initial reaction was complete shock at how violent it was. Obviously, the game has evolved since then, but that was my first reaction to it.

Talk to me about Beyond the Sightings. You scored a documentary about all those creepy clown sightings from a few years ago?

It’s a really cool movie. It’s a found footage film about these two young people who are investigating these random clown sightings somewhere in the U.S. They start to uncover something way beyond that when they investigate. It’s a very effective very creepy movie and I’m bummed it hasn’t come out yet. Found footage has been beaten up a little but and people are tired of that genre, but it’s a cool one. It will make you look at clowns very differently, that’s for sure.

No spoilers, but does it solve the mystery of the clown sightings?

I would say yes.

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