'Dragon Prince' Season 2: Spoilers, Theories, and End-Credit Teasers

There's a few big hints you might have missed.

The Dragon Prince Season 1 just landed on Netflix last week, but fans are already theorizing over what the Season 2 release date might bring. We still don’t know anything for sure, but there are plenty of rumors out there, ranging from some pretty big clues in the Season 1 finale credits to a wild theory shared on Reddit that actually makes sense.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best Dragon Prince Season 2 theories and rumors.

Warning: Spoilers for The Dragon Prince Season 1 ahead.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 teased in finale credits

The Dragon Prince doesn’t have a post-credits teaser, but it does offer up a few interesting hints in the form of simple illustrations. Some of these images are simple callbacks, while others hint at what’s to come in Season 2.

The biggest clue is probably this image of the mysterious magic mirror from Season 1. We still don’t know what it does, but if you look closely you can see a hand reaching out from inside the mirror. We have no idea who that hand belongs to, but whoever it is may play a big role in The Dragon Prince Season 2.

What's up with that mirror though?


Two more images show an elf we haven’t met yet, suggesting he could also play a key role in the show’s second season. In the first image he’s working on a pair of necklaces, leading fans to refer to him as “Tinker.” In a second image the same elf is seen crying with a hand over his face. Some fans have theorized that Tinker could be Runaan’s boyfriend, which would explain why he’s crying after Runaan was captured, tortured, and ultimately trapped in a coin at the end of Season 1.

Here’s a breakdown of that theory from Polygon, based on a pair of post-credits images:

The first credits illustration depicts the nameless elf making two sets of necklaces, which match the pendant that Runaan has around his neck (none of the other elves are depicted with these pendants). In the penultimate episode, Runaan gets sucked into Viren’s coin, and during the credits we see an illustration of the same elf crying. While some fans have theorized that these necklaces are some form of Moonshadow elf romantic bonds, others think that this mystery elf is Runaan’s brother or other family member.

Tinker the elf (part 1)


Tinker the elf (part 2)


In a statement to Polygon, series creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond declined to confirm any theories, but said they want people to “theorize and react.”

“We want them to connect the dots,” Ehasz said. “I think there’s a lot already there.”

This Dragon Prince Season 2 theory has us questioning everything

The Dragon Prince Season 1 ends in particularly epic fashion with the birth of a baby dragon — presumably the dragon prince — but one theory argues that this might not be the case. Reddit user Mike_Shogun_Lee suggests that this might actually be a bit of misdirection. If that’s the case, then the question remains: Who is the dragon prince?

Is this baby dragon also THE dragon prince? 


Mike_Shogun_Lee argues that it’s likely one of the show’s two human princes, Callum or Ezran, and he goes on to make a few strong points. For one thing, both of those characters have magical abilities. Callum takes to casting magic spells at a remarkable speed considering it’s likely something that takes years of practice. Meanwhile, Ezran can talk to animals, which seems a bit off for a normal human boy — even in a fantasy world like this one.

It’s also worth noting that we know very little about Callum and Ezran’s mother, who dies before the show starts. Is it possible she had some dragon genetics in her? Callum’s father is an even bigger mystery (the King is his stepdad, remember), making it even more possible that he could be somehow descended from the dragon king.

This might all sound like a crazy reach, but The Dragon Prince creators have made it clear that they want fans to speculate and theorize, so why not go wild? After all, you can bet that it will be a good long while before the Season 2 release date rolls around.

**The Dragon Prince Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix*.

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