Rick and Morty Crash the Emmy Awards to Drop Some Hard Truths

It's so good to see these guys again.

The iconic duo Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez just made their first official appearance since wrapping up Rick and Morty Season 3 last year, and it was at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday night to drop some hard truths about where those Emmy trophies come from.

Late in the evening, Morty and Rick appeared to present the award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program via a recorded segment. Ever the type to abide by the rules, Morty sticks to a bad prescripted joke: “Nobody knows reality more than us because nobody’s been to more realities. Right, Rick?” But of course Rick goes “off-prompter” to drop some hard truths about how Emmy trophies are actually small creatures dipped in gold — and about how more people should root for Atlanta.

This is a living Emmy,” Rick says, brandishing a colorful bird from behind his back. “You’re looking at it before its feet are mounted to a wooden base, its wrists bound to a weighted sphere that holds its body in a celebratory pose while it’s dipped into molten gold.”

In case that didn’t make you feel bad enough, Rick says the creature is a herbivore that mates for life and is capable of complex emotions — so it’s akin to killing a dolphin bird.

Rick translates the Emmy’s chirp, saying that the Emmy is rooting for Atlanta tonight because “smaller crews mean fewer of his offspring die.” (Unfortunately, Atlanta was totally snubbed on Emmy night.)

Are Emmys humanoid angels holding some kind of ball, or a cute little bird creature from another dimension?


The winner of the Outstanding Reality Competition Program award, by the way, was RuPaul’s Drag Race. And just last weekend, Rick and Morty also won the Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program for the “Pickle Rick” episode.

The only thing we’re thinking about rick now however, is that if Rick and Morty had announced a Season 4 release date, it probably would have eclipsed even that surprise Emmy proposal that happened earlier in the awards show.

Rick and Morty has no Season 4 release date in sight, but at least the two characters are keeping busy.

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