Elon Musk Explains How Tesla Will Speed Up Repairs to End "Logistics Hell"


Tesla wants to speed up electric car repairs to bring turnaround times to just 24 hours, in a bid to resolve one of its biggest issues yet. CEO Elon Musk stated on Sunday that the company is in “delivery logistics hell,” following the “production hell” that resulted from last year’s Model 3 introduction and subsequent expansion.

The company is aiming to bring collision repairs in-house, removing third parties from the equation, to end the weeks-long waits some customers experience waiting for their car. Musk stated that “service & parts supply in general will be the top Tesla priority after we get through the insane car delivery logistics of the next few weeks.” Musk later explained that the company’s goal “is for repaired car to be better than before accident. Should always be true if damaged/used parts are correctly replaced with newer parts.”

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Tesla has been rapidly speeding up its operations on all fronts, as the Model 3 brought a slew of new consumers enticed by a cheapest-ever starting price of $35,000. The company reached its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 cars per week in June, and Musk subsequently outlined a number of measures to speed up delivery and customer service, like sealed truck deliveries, sign-and-drive appointments that take just five minutes, and paperless smartphone contacts.

Repairs remain a pain point for the company as it handles this broader group of consumers. After a series of complaints from customers in Norway, Musk admitted in June that consumers in the country had a “right to be upset,” promising to quadruple mobile service capacity. Musk explained on Sunday that Tesla was taking more repairs in-house as “outside repair shops are jack of all trades, which means supporting 1000’s of makes & models. Tesla collision repair specializes in three. Having all parts in stock & not waiting for insurance approval also make a world of difference.”

The company is likely to reveal more about the results of these efforts, alongside detailed financial reports, during its next quarterly earnings call. The meeting is expected to take place at the end of November.

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