How One 'Iron Fist' Season 2 Fight Scene Was Inspired by Jackie Chan


If you’re going to imitate someone, imitate the best. In a new interview for Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2, series star Jessica Henwick reveals how classic Jackie Chan movies influenced one major fight scene.

In a conversation with Decider, Henwick (“Colleen Wing”) and co-star Finn Jones (“Danny Rand”) unpacked their big fight scene against a bloodthirsty Triad gang during the first episode of Season 2, taking place inside the back kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. As Henwick explains, she trained by watching classic Jackie Chan because of the legendary action star’s famous use of props and improvised weapons.

“I watched some old Jackie Chan stuff because he uses a lot of props and he is always finding really genius ways,” Henwick said. “Like he has got fight scenes on ladders and fight scenes on bamboo poles and fight scenes on scaffolding.”

It’s true. Throughout his career, Chan famously choreographed fight scenes unique to each film. And one way he did that was through using special props and designing fights around them, ensuring the movie is unforgettable and not indistinguishable from every other fight scene in another movie. Check out 1996’s Police Story 4: First Strike, where Jackie Chan uses a metal ladder in ways you never think a ladder should be used.

Henwick continues: “So with that kitchen fight, there were moments I would ask the stunt team, ‘What would Jackie do? He picks up this pan, what would he do?’ It’s a different style of fighting in that it’s fun. That’s what Jackie is so good at. He is the everyman, just getting attacked on all sides and it’s fun, and that’s what we wanted with that Episode 1 fight.”

Jackie Chan, in 1996's 'Police Story 4.'

YouTube.com/Every Frame a Painting

Jessica Henwick, as "Colleen Wing" in 'Iron Fist' Season 2.


Iron Fist Season 2 still has its faults (check out our review), but the fight scenes are far and away better than they were last season.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 is streaming now.