Jackie Chan Is Doing Sci-Fi in 'Bleeding Steel' and it Looks Bonkers AF

Hong Kong action movie icon Jackie Chan is boldly going where he’s never gone before: science-fiction. In the new bonkers-as-hell trailer for Bleeding Steel, the kung-fu superstar squares off against a technologically-enhanced villain aboard a spaceship. Aside from maybe The Lego Ninjago Movie, this is the very first full-blown sci-fi movie in Chan’s long, prolific filmography.

In Bleeding Steel directed by Leo Zhang and coming to theaters and VOD by Lionsgate on July 6, Chan stars as Lin, a Hong Kong cop who tracks down “a deranged, mecha-enhanced villain” (that’s what it says in the press release) who seeks a one-of-a-kind invention implanted in Lin’s daughter. As Lin tries to save her, the Hong Kong cop fights off super soldiers and hops between spaceships. If you ever wanted to see Jackie Chan roundhouse kick a bad guy who looks like the child of Palpatine and Mr. Freeze, Bleeding Steel is for you.

The more remarkable thing about Bleeding Steel is that it’s one of Chan’s first sci-fi movies ever. Since his career began in the mid-‘70s, Chan has mostly starred in gritty police dramas (1993’s Crime Story), action comedies (1996’s Rumble in the Bronx), and period fantasies (2015’s Dragon Blade). This is also true for his American films, like the Rush Hour and Kung Fu Panda series. But spaceships and villains who look like they leapt out of Star Trek? This is really new territory for Chan, who is in his sixties but shows no sign of slowing down.


Though Bleeding Steel is Chan’s first foray into science-fiction, it isn’t the first time he’s been near science. In 2006, Chan made a donation to the Australian National University in Canberra, where Chan’s parents lived until his father’s death. The university named a section of its medical research facility after Chan, leading to the creation of the Jackie Chan Science Centre in 2008.

Bleeding Steel will be released in theaters and VOD on July 6.

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