Samsung Reveals More Ways to Use Its Stylish Galaxy Watch

Work up a sweat and wind down.

In a series of YouTube videos released on this week, Samsung gave smartwatch enthusiasts a closer look at some of the features its newly released Galaxy Watch is packing. The device extends smartphone features to a user’s wrist and serves as both a health tracker and a stress reliever.

Samsung showed off how these features can be easily accessed with a few simple taps and swipes of the stylish wearable’s very bright display, thanks to AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) technology. These two fitness and mindfulness apps function no matter the handset with which you choose to pair the Galaxy Watch. However, many of its more basic functions will fall flat if you sync it with a non-Samsung phone. iPhone users will be able to receive iMessage notification, but not reply to them straight from the watch.

The Galaxy Watch, which was released on August 24, was optimized to be combined with Samsung’s flagship smartphones where users will be able to access its settings and compiled data using the Samsung Gear app.

The device was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9 early in August during the company’s annual UNPACKED event in Brooklyn. The 42-millimeter size option is available in black and rose gold and starts at $330 for the noncellular version, while the 46mm Galaxy Watch will come in silver and start at $350. Users can pick up the LTE models for an additional $50, which would allow them to answer phone calls and messages when they’re not connected to wifi.

The device is a refresh of company’s Gear Sport watch, which made its debut in 2017 and it advances on many of the accessibility and wellness features put forward by its predecessor.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch: Get In Shape

The video above details how to begin tracking your workout of choice using Samsung’s newly release wearable. First off, you’re going to want to make sure it fit snug around your wrist to ensure it can accurately pick up on your pulse.


From there, spin the Galaxy Watch’s outer rim to the right until you see the “Add workout shortcuts” app. Tapping this will let you select from a menu of different workout modes, from swimming to cycling. Add the exercises you prefer to the shortcut menu to easily access them next time.

Now all you have to do is tap the icon to begin timing your run, measuring the calories you burn, monitoring your heart rate, and compiling it all to look back on later.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch: Wind Down After a Workout

After sweating it out at the gym or a stressful day at work, you might want to set some time apart to catch your breath and relax. The Galaxy Watch has your back.

Swipe left on the device’s face until you see the Stress app. By tapping Measure the watch will begin reading your heart rate to give an estimate of how stressed you might be at the moment. This is stored in a week-by-week calendar to let you see when you might be most nervous.

If you want to clear your head for a moment, tapping on Breathe will prompt a breathing exercise to help bring down your heart rate. The Galaxy Watch will tell you when and how long to inhale and exhale to help bring down your pulse.

You can use this feature to either cool down after a workout or get a grip on workplace anxiety, making the Galaxy Watch a personal fitness and stress coach.

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