'The Flash' Season 5 Trailer Teases an Ominous Flashpoint 2.0 Full of Death

The Flash Season 5 is really going to be a family affair, mostly because that “big mistake” Nora West-Allen made totally messed up the timeline.

The CW released a new trailer for The Flash Season 5 on Wednesday subtitled “Shadows” and it focuses mostly on the fallout from Nora traveling in time, namely in how it helped empower the season’s new big bad.

“This man is hiding in the shadows,” a voice says. (This sounds like it might be our new alt-Earth Harrison Wells, but I can’t be sure.) “You guys beat him,” Nora says of the new villain, “At least, you were supposed to.” Barry correctly diagnoses the cause: “Because the timeline changed.”

Welcome to Flashpoint 2.0.

Cicada gets some kind of superpowered dagger in 'The Flash' Season 5.

The CW

The new villain is David Hersch, aka Cicada. At San Diego Comic-Con, The CW released an official description: “A grizzled, blue-collar everyman whose family has been torn apart by metahumans, Cicada now seeks to exterminate the epidemic —- one meta-human at a time.”

In the comics, Cicada develops a cult of followers that proves quite lethal. To see the villain stalking Joe West is horrifying. Could he fall prey?

Some previous set photos hinted that Vibe/Cisco could die this season, so more than one character might meet their end.

Nora West-Allen, Iris and Barry's daughter.

The CW

The trailer also reminds us of a sene from the Season 4 finale when Nora said, “Kinda stuck here now. Anybody know what to do?”

Much like Eobard Thawne back in Season 1, Nora probably doesn’t have the Speed needed to return home. And much like Thawne, she’s messed with the timeline and changed things. Perhaps like that time her father rewrote the timeline with Flashpoint, Nora’s actions will create alterations that could get some people killed.

The Flash Season 5 premieres on The CW Tuesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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