Flashpoint Also Screwed Up 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 2

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The Dominators have arrived, but they’re not the only ones tearing apart DC’s TV superheroes. In The Flash crossover “Invasion!”, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) feels guilty over his actions in creating Flashpoint, and is compelled by Cisco (Carlos Valdez) into revealing how his actions have not only altered his life, but everyone else’s. Though not explicit, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) implies that Flashpoint is one of the “aberrations” the Legends have been fighting all season long in Legends of Tomorrow.

In the hangar, after a round of training, Barry reveals the existence of Flashpoint, which started in the Season 2 finale when Barry went back in time to stop the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. Everyone, notably Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) gets pissed, because if Sara can’t stop someone she loves from dying (her sister Laurel), why can Barry?

That’s when Ray pipes up: “All those aberrations we’ve spent the last eight months traveling through time trying to correct, you just decided it was okay to create your own?”

In Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends right wrongs in history, called aberrations. In Season 1, the aberrations were policed by the Time Masters, but when their allegiance with Vandal Savage forced the Legends to remove the Masters, they took on the responsibility of protecting history.

Because of Ray’s vague phrasing, it’s not explicitly confirmed if Barry’s Flashpoint actually caused the aberrations or if it’s compounding it in anyway. The big mystery in Legends of Tomorrow — Future Barry’s ominous message from 2056 — indicates that Flashpoint won’t be the first time Barry mucks up with history. And since the Legends have to protect time, they’re pretty steamed one of their best allies has been acting with his own self-interest in mind.

The CW’s DC TV crossover “Invasion!” continues with Arrow and will end on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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