Apple iPhone X Plus Release Date: How to Pre-Order New Device

Here's what we can expect from Apple's next smartphone.

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Apple is set to launch three new iPhones, and it’s going to be a bumper year. With the iPhone X’s successor release date fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to get on top of the new releases.

The company’s next iPhones are set to bring the same Face ID technology and home button-free redesign to three new devices. The cheapest is set to be a $699 6.1-inch iPhone, with an LCD screen, that may also drop key features like 3D Touch and dual lens cameras, while the second-cheapest will be an $899 5.8-inch OLED iPhone that updates the current iPhone X. The third will be a new $999 OLED iPhone with a giant 6.5-inch screen. The new face scanning system could make its way to a far broader array of devices with the new launch.

Expectations are running high. Here’s what we know:

iPhone 2018 Release

We’re still not entirely sure what these three devices will be called. While Apple has followed a clear numerical process for almost every year, the company’s 2017 launch changed the pattern by introducing the “X” — pronounced “10” — in the same year as the 8.

Less uncertain is the launch date of the new devices. The past several iPhone launches have fallen in the first half of September, with a release in the second half of September. German site Macerkopf claims that two carriers have already reported a 14 September date for the start of pre-orders, with an announcement two days prior. However, previous reports have suggested the 6.1-inch model could launch in October, so these dates are far from certain for the entire line.

iPhone X

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How to Pre-Order iPhone 2018

Here’s how to pre-order Apple’s next smartphone:

  • Plan for the big moment. Last year, the iPhone X pre-orders started on October 27 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time, so expect a similar timing for this year.
  • Set your alarm for a bit before the time.
  • When the time’s approaching, navigate to the new iPhone web page. Keep reloading until a blue “Buy Now” button appears in the corner.
  • Hit the blue button, continue your order.
  • Ensure that you receive your email confirmation at the end of the process.
  • Go back to bed, safe in the knowledge that you’re about to get your hands on Apple’s latest phone.

Another method is to use the Apple Store app.

  • Download the app onto your device.
  • Navigate through to the new iPhones, and use the customization options to spec out your phone.
  • Press the heart button to save your order for later.
  • When the time comes, navigate back to your favorites to quickly call up your option and complete the purchase.
  • Go back to bed.

And that’s it! The iPhone X shipped out to consumers last year on November 3, so expect your shiny new toy to arrive just a few days later.

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