Tesla V9.0 Software Isn’t Out Yet but Elon Musk Has Plans for Version 10


With the upcoming release of its V9.0 software, Tesla CEO Elon Musk put out the call for game developers to produce games for the car’s touch screens in early August. But Musk may already have plans for other forms of in-car streaming entertainment for version 10.

A Twitter user asked Musk a question Sunday regarding the option to stream video to the in-car tablet when the car charges. In a matter of 10 minutes, the Tesla CEO replied saying the option will come in the version 10 of the Tesla software.

Now whether this is a definite answer from Musk or a bit of a joke is hard to say. It took almost two years for Telsa to go from v8.0 to v9.0, and it’s unknown if it will take another two years for the jump to v10.0.

If the feature does come in v10.0, then it would be a welcome feature for Tesla owners. The in-car tablet used to navigate and operate the electric car has been devoid of video features except to those who hack the device and install a new firmware to make full use of it. Aside from that, it makes sense to not include video onto the tablet since it would cause extra distractions, but as evident with the call for game developers, things change.

Tesla’s v9.0 will include the fully automated Autopilot software, which would make any Tesla with the right computer hardware a self-driving car. The company says it will begin rolling out the new software in August and Tesla owners will receive a notification about a 14-day trial period to test it out the features.

Another feature of the in-car tablet is to use the various car settings including Track Mode, which opens up the options that can make a Tesla perform better although it can cause some extra wear-and-tear on the car.

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