'Iron Fist' Season 2 Spoilers: Trailer Teases His Costume From the Comics

In the latest Season 2 trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist, Danny Rand is pushing himself harder than ever before to replace Daredevil as New York City’s protector, but when his past catches up to him, we also get a peek at Danny in a version of the original Iron Fist costume from the comics.

Netflix released the Season 2 trailer on Thursday, and the series looks much more interesting in its second round. Danny spends his nights fighting crime throughout New York City, and Colleen Wing is worried. Danny’s “brother” Davos from K’un-Lun returns saying they have “family matters to discuss.” That family business, apparently, involves Davos trying to take the Iron Fist from Danny in the present day and get revenge on Danny for letting K’un-Lun be destroyed.

Yeah, Danny’s supposed brother is the big bad this season.

Davos and Danny are due for a huge rematch in Season 2.Netflix

“You feel that you can just walk through this world as if it belongs to you,” Davos says to Danny in the present day. “The Iron Fist is not a weapon to be held, it is to be used.”

In Season 1, Danny and Davos might’ve teamed up as allies in the present day, but that season also firmly established Davos’ jealousy. He wants the Iron Fist for himself, and based on the new trailer, he’ll become the Steel Serpent and gain the same powers as the Iron Fist — but in red instead of yellow.

Along the way, the new trailer also teases Davos and Danny’s epic fight at K’un-Lun, where they wore a connected yellow bandana over their heads with white uniforms — deeply reminiscent of the white and gold Iron Fist costume from New Avengers (2010). This ritualistic combat seems like how they determined who would claim the power of the Iron Fist. Danny won this battle, and we’re bound to see how this season. We see that same yellow bandana on a dead body:

Could this ancient warrior be the previous Iron Fist?Netflix

This is the same iconic headband worn by the Iron Fist from the comics. We saw a glimpse of it in action during the first season, when Danny saw archival footage of a former Iron Fist in action. But this is the first time we see Danny wearing anything close to it.

Could that mean Danny might fully embrace his role as the Iron Fist by the end of Season 2 and wear some kind of costume? We can only hope, but he’ll have to get through Davos is he’s going to manage it.

Iron Fist Season 2 will be released on Netflix on Friday, September 7.