'Iron Fist' Season 2 Trailer: Daredevil Inspires the Hero for Hire

Back when Jessica Jones Season 2 was hitting Netflix, Krysten Ritter told Inverse that Jessica and the other Defenders thought Matt Murdock died in the finale. With Iron Fist Season 2, which premieres September 2 on Netflix, Finn Jones’ Danny Rand is taking Matt’s “sacrifice” to heart and is taking up the mantle of Manhattan’s neighborhood superhero.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix and Marvel debuted legitimately impressive new footage of Iron Fist Season 2, which follows Danny Rand becoming more like the superhero he’s meant to be. In the teaser, Danny fights off a pack of criminals, which by itself isn’t special, but the fight choreography is leaps and bounds better than what fans saw last year in the show’s freshman season.

It seems hanging out with Luke Cage has done Danny good.

At the panel that premiered the footage, Marvel TV producer Jeph Loeb said that The Defenders is leaving a massive impact on the individual heroes. for Danny Rand especially, Matt Murdock’s sacrifice is what inspires Danny to use his powers as the Iron Fist to become a real vigilante. Loeb then added that Daredevil won’t be making any cameo appearances in Iron Fist, which only adds to the mystique to the character’s absence.

The arc is kind of similar to the comics. In the Brian Michael Bendis/Ed Brubaker run of Daredevil, Matt Murdock is jailed based on mounting evidence that he is operating as Daredevil. So Matt enlists Danny Rand to briefly take over as Daredevil, which happens throughout the pivotal 2006 series Civil War.

"Falcon, punch!"Netflix

Will Iron Fist finally, actually be a great Marvel TV show? Based on reactions from fans attending San Diego, it seems Iron Fist is on the right path. The bar is low, but there’s no reason that a man with a glowing one-inch punch can’t smash it to bits. If not, there’s always Shang-Chi.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 premieres September 7 on Netflix.