Galaxy Watch? Samsung Debuts All-New Smart Watch That Looks Like a Watch

Samsung steps up the smart watch wars. 

by James Dennin

Samsung is stepping things up in the smart watch wars. In a bit of a surprise, the company rolled out a new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch at its “Unpacked” event in Brooklyn. The watch was rolled out alongside the new Galaxy Note 9. It’s not yet clear how much the watch will cost or when it will ship, though the Samsung Gear S 3 cost about $350 at launch.

“You want your smartwatch to be connected without always relying on your phone or charger,” said Elina Vives, Samsung’s Head of Marketing. “It gives you the freedom to break away and stay connected.”

A main distinguishing factor is that the watch looks more like an actual watch than competitors like the Apple Watch, thanks in part to the signature circular bezel. Vives also announced that the Galaxy Watch would be water resistant and swim ready, would sync with the new Note 9, and would be enabled by its own with LGE connectivity. It’s already partnered with about 30 carriers across the world.

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Touting its optimized processor, Vives also claimed that you’d be able to use the Apple Watch for several days on a single charge. Here’s the big reveal video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Features

As with Apple, Samsung seems interested in trying to help smartphones and wearables help their users maintain better mental health. Rather than focusing on streamlining notifications and alerts as Apple has, the Samsung Galaxy Watch approaches stress management a little differently.

“All the devices in your life should work together to help make you the best version of yourself,” Vives said.

To achieve this, the Galaxy Watch’s stress management feature will actually monitor your heart rate to establish a baseline, and will offer you a breathing guide when it senses anomalies that indicate stress.

There’s also some pretty robust fitness features, the Galaxy Watch claims to be able to help you personalize routines using a library of different exercises. Finally, the watch will also track your sleep patterns and monitor how much sleep you got.

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