Elon Musk Reveals Details of Tesla V9.0 Software, Including Early Access

A new version of Tesla’s Autopilot is a month away. CEO Elon Musk made the announcement via Twitter on Wednesday of the upcoming v9.0 update. He tweeted extra details about the upgrade on Sunday including info about getting early access to the new version.

When Musk responded to one Model 3 owner’s praise for the electric car on Twitter and mentioned the upcoming Autopilot upgrade, another person asked the CEO about the changes v9.0 would have on Model S and X vehicles. Musk said it will include video games and other changes, and the update will be available for vehicles made in recent years that have the correct Autopilot Hardware.

“Games & other refinements will go to all Tesla S, X & 3 from start of production,” Musk tweeted. “Autopilot enhancements apply to all Model 3’s plus S & X made in last few years (needs Autopilot Hardware V2.0 or higher).”

Another Twitter user asked if there would be early access to v9.0 upgrade. Musk tweeted that early access would have bugs and was not advisable since there would have to be a plan for something to go wrong. Musk said back in June the v9.0 would be the release to include the full self-driving features to make Teslas autonomous.

Prior to the Tesla earnings call on Wednesday, Musk put out a call for game developers to come work for Tesla. He tweeted in the past about the possibility of having the option to play video games with the Tesla touchscreen control panel.

During Wednesday’s earnings call, Tesla once against lost money in the quarter to the tune of $740 million. However, there was growth in the company’s numbers and Musk said it finished its last unprofitable quarter, which caused the stock to rise significantly in the following days.

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