Does ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

This is no Marvel movie.

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Thanks in large part to Marvel, we’ve been conditioned to stick around after the movie credits roll just in case there’s some sort of teaser for whatever comes next in the franchise. Some movies offer a subtle nod at the post-credits tradition while others flat out make fun of it, but Mission: Impossible — Fallout ignores it entirely.

That’s right. As soon as the credits roll on Tom Cruise’s latest stunt-filled escapade you should feel free to get out of your seat and leave. Mission: Impossible — Fallout could easily feature an after-credits scene. It’s all but guaranteed that Impossible Missions Force (IMF) agent Ethan Hunt will return before too long for another “impossible” mission. It would be easy enough to casually hint at the next adventure — even if it was just a quick gag — but that’s never what the Mission Impossible series has been about.

Death-defying stunts aside, Mission: Impossible — Fallout and the films that came before it are about one thing above all else: entertainment. As Inverse noted in our review, these movies don’t depend on you knowing the history of each character and how they interact. “This isn’t a Marvel movie, there’s no required reading.”

To be fair, Mission: Impossible — Fallout does feature a handful of returning characters, including some that you might not even recognize if you haven’t seen the last few movies. But none of that really matters, and whether or not you remember what happened in the previous film (2015’s Rogue Nation) won’t have any bearing at all on how much you enjoy Fallout.

The Mission: Impossible series isn’t about continuity (Fallout is the first movie in the franchise to be directed by someone who has already done a Mission: Impossible flick). It’s about fun. Adding an after-credits scene would undercut the entire concept and potentially force whichever director steps in next to sacrifice their own vision because of a few extra seconds of footage that plays after half the theater has already left.

If Mission: Impossible ever does feature an after-credits scene you can take it as a sign that the franchise has officially jumped the shark. Thankfully, when it comes to Fallout that’s definitely not a concern.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout is in theaters now.

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