'Fortnite' Leak: Guided Missile Found in Game Data

It's back...maybe.

Data miners are hard at work trying to find whatever asset they can in the Fortnite game data ever since the release of Season 5. On Thursday, one found an image of a popular weapon that was removed from the game months ago giving players some hope for its return.

In April, Epic Games removed the Guided Missile from Fortnite: Battle Royale due to “concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon.” Data Miner Fortnitee_Leaks tweeted Thursday of a new Guided Missile found in the game’s files. The weapon has a slightly different look, and it also might have a different function.

In the tweet, the data miner said the Guided Missile will be a “backbag,” or rather a Backpack. The idea of the Backpack is to have a rare drop found on the island that allows for a special ability. Epic experimented with this addition to the game when it released the Jet Pack in Season 4. In the case of the Jet Pack, players were able to fly around the island when equipped, but there was a limited amount of fuel available. Depending on how high up they were, players would fall to their death when they ran out of gas.

Another Backpack made its way into the game for a short time in May called the Eye of the Storm Tracker. When found, this pack would guide a player to the center of the storm giving them a strategic advantage.

When the Guided Missile will return to Fortnite: Battle Royale or how it will function as a Backpack is a mystery. Although data miners find these assets and files in the game’s data, it does not mean Epic will add them to the game.

One leak Fortnite players can’t wait for is the gifting feature. Miners found multiple files in relation to option to gift in-game items to other players, but Epic is still keeping quiet.

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