'Fortnite' Leaks: More Proof of Gifting Coming Soon

Players can soon share the wealth. 

If there’s one way to improve the sales of in-game content, it’s the addition of gifting items to other players. Epic Games has yet to add this feature to Fortnite, but data miners see more proof that it’s not that far off.

Data miner Fortnite Leaks posted on Monday some in-game messages regarding a new gifting feature in Fortnite that they found in the game’s data from the Season 5 update. Then on Tuesday morning, Epic applied the v5.0 patch to Fortnite, which included a minimal amount of content and other various changes. After some work on the game’s code, the data miners were able to find additional signs of the gifting option coming to the game.

One of the new files found by Fortnite Leaks and another data miner, ISkyTryk_, is a sound clip of when a gift is received.

Although it’s not much, there were other details found in the game data regarding gifting. In multiple tweets, Fortnite Leaks mentioned that both V-Bucks and Battle Pass will be giftable, there is a daily limit on how many gifts can be received, and players can customize a message sent with the gift.

They also found a sample of what the gifts will look like.

So far, their expect gifting will be made available within the next couple of weeks.

As the case with these kinds of leaks, the final result from Epic may change in the end. With that, considering the number of files in the Fortnite files related to this gifting option, it does make sense that it will make its way to the game soon. Once it does, expect players to spend even more money.

Since the release of Fortnite Season 5, data miners found other possible changes coming to the game such as a Christmas in July event, new consumables, and what could be a new storyline event for the season.

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