'Fortnite' Leaks: Gifting Update, Christmas in July, and More

Could be some big changes coming soon. 

Since the release of Fortnite Season 5 last week, data miners scoured the new files to find any morsel of upcoming content coming to Fortnite buried deep in the game’s data. What they discovered could mean interesting changes are ahead for Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Multiple data miners tweeted out new content they found in the Fortnite Season 5 game data. A combination of assets, file names, and other clues provide hints of what’s coming in the future as most developers will add various files in a game’s update that they may not use until later. While these leaks might not come to pass as predicted, they do give some insight into what Epic Games is working on.

Christmas in July

Data Miner @Fortnite_Leaks provided multiple updates of what they found in the game files on Monday. The first was several new Christmas assets including icicles, candy canes, presents, and Christmas trees. These 3D models were used back in December of last year but were then removed by Epic. Since they’ve returned, this could mean there will be a Christmas in July event or maybe in August.


What better way to celebrate the holidays than by gifting goodies to friends. Once again, @Fortnite_Leaks posted a set of messages within the game files that reference gifting items to other players. From the messages, it appears that people could buy content in the Fortnite Item Shop and send it to another account as a gift. Whether this can be used for a Battle Pass or other unlockable content is yet to be seen.

Burgers and Sodas Consumables

In a third update for Monday, @Fortnite_Leaks showed two new assets: a burger and a drink. The question is whether these new consumables will be available across the island like the mushrooms and apples added back in Season 4, be replacements for items available like Slurp Juice, or part of a weekly challenge. It’s unclear to tell what will be used for as of now.

Snow Leak

Another data miner, GameCentral_FBR*, found a file name referencing to a sight seen in the game. Players noticed on Saturday sand was flowing from the crack in the sky. In the game data, there is a file reference sand coming from the crack, but there’s another file that says “Crack_Snow.” Some players reported of snow flurries around the Viking ship to the southeast of Snobby Shores. Maybe the snow will cause a change in the map in the same way some people theorize the sand will change things.

While these data miners made correct predictions in the past, not everything found in the game data comes to fruition as predicted. What can be said is Epic has a lot of plans for Fortnite Season 5.

With the new season underway, the Week 1 Weekly Challenges are available, and one task requires players to find the rare Supply Llama. Luckily, there is a heat map to help players figure out what areas are best to search for one.

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