'Fortnite' Road Trip: How to Find Week 2 Hidden Battle Star

Take a tour of the clubhouse for this week's challenge. 

Introduced in Fortnite Season 4, a set of secret challenges become available once a player completes all the Weekly Challenges for each week. In Fortnite Season 5, Epic Games dubbed these special tasks as the “Road Trip” challenges, and the Week 2 task is now available.

After the Fortnite Season 5 update, data miner TwoEpicBuddies posted the first two unlockable loading screens that are part of the Road Trip challenge. With the Week 2 Weekly Challenges going live on Thursday, players who complete all seven tasks can go on the search for the hidden Battle Star using the unlocked loading screen as a guide. It’s fairly easy to find this week as it’s on the roof of the clubhouse found in the new Lazy Links area.

'Fortnite' Road Trip Challenge Week 2


Just to the north of the words “Lazy Links” on the map is the golf clubhouse with the pool in front of it. Head to the building and get to the roof. If a player completed all the week’s challenges then when they are in close proximity to the top point of the clubhouse, a Battle Star will appear.

Clubhouse Location for 'Fortnite Road Trip Challenge


For Fortnite Season 4, Epic Games listed these secret challenges as Blockbuster Challenges. There was a special unlockable Blockbuster skin, called The Visitor, which became a part of the season’s storyline. It’s unknown if the Road Trip challenge skin will have its own backstory or not. Data miners picked through the Fortnite game files to find new skins, but the Road Trip skin has yet to be discovered.

The Week 3 Road Trip Challenge will be available next Thursday when the rest of the Weekly Challenges become active. There might be a leak of that week’s loading screen on Tuesday when Epic applies the next Fortnite update.

Aside from the standard tasks seen every week, the Week 2 Challenges include searching “Between an Oasis, Rock Archway, and Dinosaurs” and using the new Basketball Toy to “Score a Basket on Different Hoops.”

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