Amazon Prime Day: Redditors Were Annoyed as Hell Following Its Site Crash

Not even Jeff Bezos could keep Amazon up on Prime Day.

by Catie Keck

Amazon Prime Day, that highly anticipated annual event bringing deals on par with November’s Black Friday, got a bumpy start Monday after Amazon’s site crashed for many potential shoppers. And in spite of an error page featuring images of cute dogs, many were none-too-pleased with the company’s apparent inability to keep its site up and running for its biggest event of the year.

Users took to Reddit on Monday to bemoan everything from Amazon’s site failure to the process by which would-be shoppers were able to find individual deals.

“Well it’s a good thing amazon doesn’t own server space or this would be really embarrassing,” wrote one user in a thread on the Amazon subreddit, pointing to the fact that Amazon maintains its own high-speed cloud service. Twisting the proverbial knife, another responded: “Haha, that would be pretty funny, only thing more funny would be if they were the leader in that market.”

Some noted Amazon’s seemingly endless “Shop All Deals” loop that occurred when users tried to navigate to the Prime Day deals feed from the site’s homepage, with one user writing, “I don’t even get to see the dogs anymore.”

Others lamented Prime Day’s search function, with one redditor writing:

“Why can you just type in the search bar what you’re looking for (like a 4k tv) and have some deals right there up front for what you searched. But instead you have to click on the Amazon prime day thing and just scroll through all the stuff and hope you find a deal you’re looking for.”

It wasn’t just the site’s Prime Day fails that had redditors pissed. In other threads, users underscored the company’s poor work conditions as reason boycott the event.

An Amazon spokesperson said Monday in a statement that it was “working to resolve this issue quickly.” The issues appeared to be resolved by Tuesday. And despite projections that the site failure could hurt Amazon’s bottom line, the company reportedly exceeded its 2017 sales in the first 10 hours of Prime Day.

So despite the annoyance that a temporary crash may have caused users on Day 1 of the 36-hour event, one thing’s for certain: Prime Day is still raking in all the money.