Fourth of July 2018: Interactive Google Doodle Shows Top Food in Each State

Get your grits on.


Google is getting into the independence day spirit, with an interactive homepage doodle that celebrates popular food in each U.S. state. The “Foodle” map, as it’s affectionately known by the team, shows high-rated recipes for each state or territory from the past 12 months, using Google Trends data as its starting point.

The doodle offers a fun, data-driven twist on the week’s festivities. People across the country are gearing up to celebrate 242 years since the 13 colonies declared independence from the British Empire. The day will see friends and family gather for summertime barbecues, sharing recipes and dishes that show the finest the nation has to offer.

This clickable doodle allows users to zoom in and see why Maryland folk love crab dip so much, why tortilla soup has Texas hot under the collar, and why Wyomingers are going bananas for banana bread recipes. While artists Kevin Laughlin and Shanti Rittgers produced the design of the doodle, the interactive nature meant an all-hands-on-deck approach led by doodle team lead Jessica Yu.

View a screenshot of the doodle below:

The Google Doodle in action.


It’s not the first time Google has changed its homepage doodle to commemorate a major holiday. Previous doodles have paid tribute to Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month and Mother’s Day.

For those that can’t access the doodle, here are the foods Google has chosen to represent each state and territory:

  • Alabama: Broccoli Salad
  • Alaska: Halibut
  • American Samoa: Pizza Dough
  • Arizona: Spanish Rice
  • Arkansas: Potato Soup
  • California: Quinoa
  • Colorado: Spaghetti Squash
  • Connecticut: Quiche
  • Delaware: Baked Salmon
  • Florida: Ceviche
  • Guam: Fried Chicken
  • Georgia: Squash Casserole
  • Hawaii: Shoyu Chicken
  • Idaho: Crepe
  • Illinois: Italian Beef
  • Indiana: Buckeye
  • Iowa: Hamburgers
  • Kansas: Meatballs
  • Kentucky: Vegetable Soup
  • Louisiana: Gumbo
  • Maine: Apple Pie
  • Maryland: Crab Dip
  • Massachusetts: Haddock
  • Michigan: Goulash
  • Minnesota: Sloppy Joe
  • Mississippi: Taco Soup
  • Missouri: Hamburgers
  • Montana: Chili
  • Nebraska: Taco Seasoning
  • Nevada: Chicken Adobo
  • New Hampshire: Apple Crisp
  • New Jersey: Flounder
  • New Mexico: Pozole
  • New York: Chicken Cutlets
  • North Carolina: Snow Cream
  • North Dakota: Hamburgers
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Orange Chicken
  • Ohio: Sausage Gravy
  • Oklahoma: Hamburger Meat
  • Oregon: Teriyaki Sauce
  • Pennsylvania: Asparagus
  • Puerto Rico: Tembleque
  • Rhode Island: Chicken Parm
  • South Carolina: Chicken Bog
  • South Dakota: Hamburgers
  • Tennessee: Hashbrown Casserole
  • Texas: Tortilla Soup
  • Utah: Zucchini Bread
  • Vermont: Waffles
  • Virginia: Salmon Cake
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Johnny Cake
  • Washington: Pork Chop
  • Washington, D.C.: Crab Cake
  • West Virginia: Meatloaf
  • Wisconsin: Meatloaf
  • Wyoming: Banana Bread
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