‘Fortnite’ Hungry Gnome Locations: How the Find All 14 Gnomes on the Map

There are plenty to find. 

Week 8 Challenges are live on Fortnite: Battle Royale. Like in Season 3, players will be on the hunt for gnomes, but not just any gnomes. They’re “Hungry Gnomes” and there are 14 places on the island to find these little guys. The map below shows just where they are located.

Although there are 14 spots to find Hungry Gnomes, only seven are needed to complete the challenge. Since these gnomes are hungry, expect to find them in kitchens, near food trucks, or close to taco stands on the island. They’ll also make a high-pitched “yummy, yummy, yummy” sound when you get near them.

Here’s a map of the locations:

14 Hungry Gnome Locations

Epic Games

And here’s a rundown to give more specifics on where to find the Hungry Gnomes:

Moisty MIre — There’s a kitchen in the film set located at Moisty Mire. Look for the helicopter near the green screen. It will be hidden next to a counter.

South of Shifty Shafts — Look for a taco shop a small town just south of Shifty Shafts to find this Gnome.

Big Soccer Field — East of Junk Junction is a recently added soccer field. On the west side of the field is a stand with some kitchen utensils and a Gnome.

Indoor Soccer Field — This indoor soccer field you probably visited for the soccer goals in previous weeks (and potentially for the “dance in front of cameras” Challenge) has a Gnome in the Taco Stand.

Greasy Grove — In the basement of Greasy Grove’s large burger joint, there’s a Gnome on the western side.

Tilted Towers — The very middle of Tilted Towers has a small food station, and that’s where you’ll find this Gnome in the corner next to some coolers full of drinks.

Pleasant Park — This Gnome is in a gas station near food on the northeast corner of the town, right in the corner wedged in between two shelves.

Little Flush — This unnamed location between Flush Factory and Fatal Fields has a Gnome next to a sink in the northwest of the area.

Lucky Landing — There’s a refrigerator in a kitchen in southern Lucky Landing, and next to it is a Hungry Gnome.

Retail Row — In northeast area of Retail Row, you can find a Gnome in the northwest corner of the grocery store.

Salty Springs — In northeastern Salty Springs, there’s a Gnome near a chest spawn in the gas station located there.

Gas Station South of Retail Row — There’s a gas station in between Retail Row and Moisty Mire, just south of Week 8’s “Search Between” location, where a Gnome sits behind the cashier’s station.

Tomato Town — In the main building of Tomato Town (with a big tomato on top), there’s a Hungry Gnome behind a counter, near a Chest and Vending Machine spawn.

Risky Reels — The eastern side of Risky Reels has a Gnome.

With so many places to find Hungry Gnomes, it should be a breeze to get seven and earn those five Battle Stars.

For an easy 10 Battle Stars, Fortnite players can complete the “Search Between a Bear, a Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment” challenge.

Additional reporting by Corey Plante.

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