MacOS Mojave Easter-Egg Will Let You Release Your Stress From Your Desktop

Virtually express your frustrations. 

No matter what you do or where you are in your life, we’ve all felt that primal urge to grab every sheet of paper in our possession and fling them into the air out of sheer frustration. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory has done it, there are corny memes about it, and now MacOS Mojave will let you do it with the click of a button.

Apple’s newest announced Mac and MacBook operating system comes with a hidden feature that will let you express your frustrations virtually. Instead of resorting to throwing your disappointing tax return across the room, Mojave lets you scatter all of the files on your desktop with its “Mess Up” easter-egg.

At one point or another, your desktop has likely looked like a complete mess. Previous Mac operating systems let you right click your desktop to sort everything into neat piles by clicking “Clean Up”. Mess Up does the exact opposite.

The beta version of Mojave keeps the classic Clean Up feature, but once your files have all been organized a secret is revealed. Mess Up pops up where Clean Up once appeared letting you randomize the position of your desktop icons and PDFs.

While this seem doesn’t offer any functionality — other than sparing you the chore of picking up sheets of paper to experience that gratifying flurry — redditor SoCalTechnophile praised this as the “return of a more playful Apple,” on the company’s subreddit.

Yet other Reddit-users seem to think this is merely a way to test the Clean Up feature and Mess Up will not be included in the final version.

“Looks like a testing feature to my eyes. Don’t expect it to ship,” writes interim_descriptor. “I’d love to be wrong.”

So either Apple is giving us a way to air out our office frustrations or it’s just a testing tool. For the sake of our desks, let’s hope it’s the former.

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