World Cup 2018: 4 iPhone X Tips for Shooting Amazing Soccer on Your Phone

Don't miss a frame.

Every four years, people from across the globe crowd into bars or dust off their soccer cleats to hit the pitch in celebration of the World Cup. This worldwide sporting event creates memories that last a lifetime and Apple seizing on the moment by highlighting iPhone X features that can help you capture better images of bar hopping and bicycle kicks alike.

To kick off the opening match of the Russia-hosted 2018 World Cup, Apple published a crash-course on how show off your tekkers in style. Here are four ways to take some high-quality action shots of you and your friends dribbles, headers, and free kicks.

World Cup 2018: Backlight Effect

The few moments right before a soccer match are some of the most exhilarating. The audience packs into the stadium, the atmosphere builds, and the two squads make their way onto the field with cameras capturing their every move.

The iPhone X’s blacklight effect make it easy to shoot an entrance that’s just as epic as the one your favorite players make as they’re walking out of the locker room. Lock your camera’s focus and lower its exposure by swiping down for a darker shot. Kick up some dust for a foggy effect and snap your shot.

Now you and your buddies are looking like a straight up national team.

World Cup 2018: Slow-Mo

It’s undoubtedly hypnotizing to watch a perfectly executed free kick. But don’t leave those slow motion replays up to cable networks. Grab a ball and try to bend one into the upper-right corner while your friend captures it in slow-mo.

Swipe over to the “slow-mo” feature in the camera app and tell your mate to get low and close to where the ball is perched. Next all they have to do is film your shot and adjust where you want the slow motion effect to begin.

Pulling off the perfect kick might take a few tries, but it’s only a matter of time until you hit something Messi-esque.

World Cup 2018: Burst Mode

The perfect bicycle kick is mix of finesse and and pure power, the only bummer is that it’s over in a split second. Don’t miss a frame of this legendary shot on goal with the iPhone X’s burst mode.

Find the right angle to get a shot of your friend and stabilize your phone by putting your elbows down on the ground. When they’re winding up to take kick the incoming pass hold down the center button to capture every frame of the trick shot.

Ronaldo would be proud.

World Cup 2018: Panoramic

A soccer pitch is 100 meters of pure action. Capturing it will take a steady hand, your whole pick-up team, and Apple’s panoramic camera feature.

Swipe to “Pano” mode and tell your squad to strike a pose. Begin slowly drifting your camera to either the left or the right, then hold still in the middle. Have your friends run around you and take another post on the opposite side of the field to create a wide photo that looks like an ongoing match.

Who needs a starting eleven when you’re a pro iPhone photographer?

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