A Huge Shotgun Nerf Just Hit 'Fortnite' That Could Reshape the Game's Meta

Epic Games wants more weapon equity.

Epic Games

Shotguns have long been the “meta” in Fortnite: Battle Royale, meaning that in almost all combat scenarios, your best option was to build ramps and aim down at your enemies with one or more shotguns. But the era where everyone clamors to get two blue pump shotguns might have just come to an end, because developer Epic Games rolled out a sizable nerf for the popular weapon.

The latest patch update to version 4.3 of Fortnite rolled out on Wednesday, and with it came some sneaky changes that could permanently shift the game’s meta. Epic Games updated its version 4.3 patch notes to outline the changes.

“One of our goals for Fortnite is to have a number of ways to play the game and be successful,” the notes read. “We’ve identified some strategies that are overly dominant and we’ll be making some adjustments today.”

Along with a nerf to resources gained from Llamas in the game, there’s also game a significant nerf to shotguns across the board.

Your favorite shotgun might no longer be your favorite after this 'Fortnite' update.

Epic Games

Epic wrote that shotguns “are a little too strong in their current state” and as a result are “being used more often than we like.” As such, they rolled out the following specific changes, which are already part of the game. So you don’t even have time to grieve.

Pump Shotgun
Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
Damage reduced from 90/95 to 80/85
Tactical Shotgun
Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0

Practically, this means your headshots using the shotgun won’t do nearly as much damage as they used to. Considering that these are shotguns after all, it should be virtually impossible to land a direct headshot on anybody, even in a fake game with magical building mechanics. And considering how ideal blue pump shotguns were in the meta, specifically nerfing their overall damage also seems like a positive move towards a more even playing field in Fortnite.

And there are plenty of other changes also taking effect either immediately or in the near future.

Spike Traps will deal more damage than ever in 'Fortnite'.

Epic Games

Several weeks ago, Spike Traps suffered a huge nerf from 125 to 75 but now they’ve suddenly gotten doubled to 150, which is higher damage than ever. C4 and Miniguns also saw a few buffs that will make them more viable.

Finally, for anyone that hates the Jetpacks, then you ought to know that they’re officially leaving the game on the morning of Monday, June 11. So get in some last-minute flying before it’s too late.

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