'Fortnite' Llama Nerf: Update 4.3 Makes It Even Harder to Build

Because the game's building mechanic wasn't difficult enough already.

The best thing about Fortnite is that it’s always changing with new Easter eggs and challenges popping up on a weekly or even daily basis, but not all those changes are good. The latest update to the game (version 4.3) brings a bunch of new tweaks and features including what could be a controversial nerf to the Supply Llamas that sometimes show up in-game to shower you with loot.

According to the latest patch notes from Fortnite developer Epic Games, Supply Llamas won’t offer up quite as many goodies when you crack them open. Specifically, any building materials you find inside that llama-shaped pinata will now get you 200 units of wood (or brick, or metal) rather than 500 like they used to. Additionally, the update also removes all explosive ammo from Supply Llamas entirely.

Let’s break down these changes one at a time. First, the decreased building materials. It makes sense that nabbing 500 pieces of wood all at once might put one player at a ridiculous advantage, but considering how important building is to the game it seems odd to make the act of collecting those resources even harder. Update 4.3 also reduces the amount of materials you’ll get from “floor loot” (basically anything you just find in the wild without having to open a treasure chest or Supply Llama) by 33 percent.

So overall, this will make it a more difficult to gather the resources you need, which could make it a lot harder to protect yourself in a firefight. I’m not really sure why Epic Games decided to go in this direction. If anything, I want more building resources, not less.

As for the removal of explosive ammo, this one makes a little more sense. Epic Games notes that the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher have become too important, especially when it comes to winning at the end of each match. By reducing the amount of explosives you’ll find, Fortnite effectively makes it a lot more difficult to use those powerful weapons. This should force players to find more creative ways to take out their opponents, instead of just blasting them to smithereens from a distance.

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