'Fortnite' Vending Machine Locations: Use This Map for the Week 5 Challenge

What's your best shot at completing this Challenge?

Among the Week 5 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale that rolled out on Thursday at 4 a.m. Eastern is a new type of Challenge that has players use a Vending Machine three times to get 5 Battle Stars. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, though, so we’ve got you covered with a strategy and list of locations.

Vending Machines have been around in Fortnite: Battle Royale since early April, and they allow you to trade a set number of each resource for an item of corresponding value. At a Common Vending Machine, you can trade in 100 of each resource to get a different Common item, and you can see what you’re getting as the machine cycles through your options. (Uncommon costs 200, Rare costs 300, Epic costs 400, and Legendary costs 500). There’s no way to predict what the items will be, how expensive the prices will be at that machine, or even if the machine will spawn.

So what’s the best way to complete this Challenge?

For starters, here’s a map featuring almost every potential Vending Machine location, courtesy of Fortnite Intel:

There are a LOT of Vending Machine spawn locations on the map.

Epic Games

There’s around 40 in total. (The above map omits at least one that’s located at the Architect’s House in the northeast corner of the map.) Vending Machines spawn in or around most named locations and near the many smaller settlements or buildings across the map.

Similar to Chests, they have specific spawn locations but don’t always spawn during every match. And because you have no idea how expensive they’ll be, you can’t exactly just land on top of one at the start of the match to buy something when you don’t have any resources yet.

For all you know, the next Vending Machine you see could cost 500, so your best bet is to complete this Challenge gradually and to broadly focus on getting as much of each resource as you can every match. Focus on other Challenges and keep this one in the back of your mind as you move around the map.

In the event that you do want to focus exclusively on this Challenge, you’d do well to pick one of the outliers on the outer edges of the map. Trying landing at the Architect’s House, Lucky Landing, Greasy Grove, Snobby Shores, or Anarchy Acres. Never stop swinging that Pickaxe so you can collect lots of resources. If you’re lucky enough, you can probably have enough of all three resources to complete this Challenge on a single Vending Machine.

Like all Season 4 Challenges, you should have until the end of the season on or around July 9 to complete it, so take our advice and do this one gradually.

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