'Rick and Morty' Guest Stars: Dan Harmon Wants This Celebrity on the Show

We are so here for it.

Over the years, Rick and Morty has had tons of amazing guest stars, with two of the best being Werner Herzog as Shrimply Pibbles and Jemaine Clement as Fart. But if there’s one celebrity that Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon wants on the show, it’s the real Ice-T. (Not the diluted version Harmon himself voiced in the episode “Get Schwifty.)

Released on Wednesday in conjunction with a profile on Dan Harmon in GQ, a new video interview has Harmon break down the biggest Rick and Morty moments ever. The full video includes Harmon talking about the origins of Pickle Rick, “Get Schwifty” (the song), that hilarious court case transcript video, and other huge moments in Rick and Morty history. But while talking about how they wrote the “Get Shwifty” episode around the song, which came first, he got into talking about how much he’d love to have the real Ice-T lend his voice to the show:

“I love Ice-T and it would be a fantasy come true to have him come and do Ice-T or Water-T or any other character,” Harmon said in the video. “He could be Vice President or whatever. It would be great to work with him sometime. I love his voice. That’s why I do a dumb impression of it.”

That “dumb impression” came during Season 2’s “Get Schwifty” during which planet-sized talking heads hold a several planets hostage for a cosmic game show akin to American Idol. Ice-T was one of the only famous musicians to survive a massive earthquake at the Grammy’s, so it’s up to Rick and Morty to sing a song to save their world. Ice-T appears as a character in the episode, voiced by Harmon, who’s actually an ageless wandering alien from Alphabetrium, Water-T, who was banished and frozen by his father Fire-Q eons ago.

Harmon also talks about the “weird aspect” of doing impressions of people as parody. Apparently, the Rick and Morty team never got Ice-T’s permission to use his likeness, which Harmon seems to regret it at least a little bit. “Ice-T, this is my personal appeal to you,” Harmon says. “Please come do a voice for Rick and Morty.”

“Get Schwifty” falls as one of the worst episodes ever on my Rick and Morty rankings, but Ice-T is one of the few treasures that episode gives us. So we’re totally here for it if Ice-T wants to turn up for Season 4, or any of the 70 episodes we have coming in the future.

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