The 'Rick and Morty' Court Case Got a Full-Color Animation

Courtesy of an incredibly thorough fan.

Remember that absolutely bonkers video featuring Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty fame reading a completely NSFW, utterly vulgar court transcript from Georgia, in-character as both Rick and Morty? Well, it’s back, and one determined fan’s made the thing even better with a full animation featuring an intro, background characters, and color.

YouTube user tiarawhy took their time to create the full animation, which brings a whole new life to the ridiculous retelling of real-life events. The State of Georgia v. Denver Fenton Allen is a real court case, and the transcription is something that actually went down.

Essentially, the defendant, Allen, decided that the judicial system was way too civilized, accused his own lawyer of withholding evidence, and then repeatedly suggested that the judge suck his dick over and over while insinuating that the court official liked to have anal sex with prisoners.

The folks at Adult Swim just used the totally real transcript, cast Morty as the judge in the case, and Rick as the bewildering Allen. We have to keep emphasizing “real” here because it sounds completely and utterly unbelievable when you actually listen to the thing.

Though it was first presented at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Adult Swim eventually gave in to intense online interest and posted the full thing after a leaked video made the rounds. Even so, both the original, and the newly animated version, are worth a watch.

The Original

The Newly Animated Version

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