Elon Musk Responds to Complaints With Global Map of Tesla Superchargers

In between rants about the state of journalism, Elon Musk released a map showing the locations of all the current, and future locations, of the Tesla Supercharger stations.

Musk tweeted a link to the updated map of charging stations on Friday in response to Tesla owners concerns over lack of stations within driving distance. Tesla currently has more than 1,200 Supercharger Stations with more than 9,800 Superchargers across the globe. The electric car company plans to continue increasing those numbers throughout 2018 and expand into areas around the world with few or no Superchargers.

Locations of Tesla Supercharger stations in red and future stations in gray. 


Superchargers offer fast recharging for Tesla car owners. The current chargers can recharge a Model S battery to 80 percent in a half hour. When asked about increasing the number of Superchargers over Twitter on May 16, Musk responded, “ there are thousands of Supercharger locations going through permitting/construction.”

Along with the Superchargers, Telsa has plans to improve the current chargers along with developing new, more powerful ones. Musk tweeted last week that in the next generation of Superchargers will come in late summer with major improvements over the previous version. Tesla also has Megachargers in the works in order to accommodate its Tesla Semi. One of the prototype semi trucks was spotted earlier in the week in California.

Musk’s Twitter followers offered the Tesla CEO suggestions on where to add more Superchargers including Morocco, Eastern Canada, and South America, which he replied back confirming that the company will work on it.

In other Tesla vehicle news, Musk also mentioned the Model Y on his Twitter feed. The Tesla SUV is a project the company has been working on and he tweeted that it could be revealed in March although right now, he’s still focusing on the Tesla Model 3 along with a new site to determine a news outlet’s credibility.

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