Star Wars Fans Are Loving 'Solo' on Opening Night

Star Wars fans who caught the first showing of Solo: A Star Wars Story Thursday went on social media to give their reactions to the spinoff, and they love it. Despite endless concerns that this standalone Star Wars film might not be up to snuff, it looks like the film delivered in a huge way.

Showings of Solo started at 7 p.m. Eastern for those on the East Coast and hours later tweets praising the smuggler’s origin movie started flooding in. Fans seemed to love almost everything about the movie. Critics may give it a slightly fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience reaction so far is that the movie is worth watching. There were plenty of thanks given to Ron Howard for directing the film that had a multitude of issues during production, which led to the Academy Award-winning director being brought in by Lucasfilm to finish the film.

Many fans also sang praises of Donald Glover for taking up the mantle of Lando Calrissian.

Some fans who just got out of Solo called tweeted about wanting a sequel to the movie.

Mixed in with the positivity is the sheer excitement of a certain character making a surprise appearance in the film.

It wasn’t all positivity from Solo viewers. A few did have issues with the film.

As part of Memorial Day weekend, Solo may produce huge numbers at the box office this weekend. With Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 still in theaters, expect theaters across the country to be packed.

Solo has a lot of surprises and Easter eggs. The film also has a particular reference that is tied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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